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Sponsor Your Gem of the Mountains

You have a unique opportunity to support the Library by sponsoring a yearbook.

Gem Sponsors will have their names published on their selected yearbook's web page as well as on a digital bookplate (see right) inserted into the online yearbook.

Gem Sponsorships are available for gifts to the Library of at least $1000 and the sponsorship will last for the duration of the website.

Click here or on the button below to complete the Gem Sponsorship transaction or contact Dean Lynn Baird at lbaird@uidaho.edu for additional information.

Signing a Yearbook | Making a Donation

At the bottom of each digital yearbook page, there will be an option that allows viewers to digitally sign the page. Signing is free, but we encourage signers to consider making a donation to the Library.

To donate, just click here or on the button below and be sure to mention Digital Initiatives in the comments section!

Gem Yearbook Supporters

Sponsors ($1000 and above)

Eric G. Anderson, sponsoring the 1920 Gem

Carl W. Berryman, sponsoring the 1922 Gem

Rhea (Soffe) Lau, sponsoring the 1926 Gem

Malcolm Renfrew, sponsoring the 1931 Gem

Jewell (Leighton) Holm, sponsoring the 1933 Gem

Carol (Campbell) Renfrew, sponsoring the 1935 Gem

Clarence Meltesen, sponsoring the 1941 Gem

Carmelita (Guernsey) Spencer, sponsoring the 1943 Gem

Ann (Royer) Lau, sponsoring the 1951 Gem

Shirley Longeteig Strom, sponsoring the 1952 Gem

David Lau, sponsoring the 1953 Gem

John W. Spencer, sponsoring the 1956 Gem

Parker Woodall, sponsoring the 1961 Gem

Kay (Harder) Woodall, sponsoring the 1962 Gem

Edward J. and Connie (Largent) McBride, sponsoring the 1964 Gem

Gary Strong, sponsoring the 1965 Gem

Katherine Aiken, sponsoring the 1973 Gem

Jack Yuditsky, sponsoring the 1979 Gem

Lynn Baird, sponsoring the 1980 Gem

Library Support

The library needs and appreciates your help supporting our outreach, instruction, and engagement efforts.

Please consider donating to us -- your support helps fund our librarians, our collections, and our facilities, as well as projects like The Gem of the Mountains Digital Yearbook Collection.

Below are other library projects that benefit from your support.


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Dworshak Dam Collection


Idaho Vandals Football Historical Gameday Program Covers Collection

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