Gem of the Mountains Yearbook Photographic Archive

Black and white negatives from the Gem of the Mountains Yearbook Photograph Collection.

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About the Collection

This collection consists of black and white negatives from PG 101, the Gem of the Mountains Yearbook Photograph Collection (1948-1967). The Gem of the Mountains was the official yearbook of the University of Idaho from 1903 to 2004. Featured photos in this digital collection depict U of I campus life and events including past Homecoming parades, graduations, field trips, football games, performances and glimpses inside various classrooms and campus buildings.

Over 100 volumes of The Gem of the Mountains have been digitized for online viewing. To view these yearbooks and for more information about the publication, please see the University of Idaho Library’s Gem of the Mountains Digital Yearbook Collection.

This digital collection is in the process of being digitized. Only a limited set of the boxes are contained in this collection.

Technical Credits - CollectionBuilder

This digital collection is built with CollectionBuilder, an open source framework for creating digital collection and exhibit websites that is developed by faculty librarians at the University of Idaho Library following the Lib-Static methodology.

Using the CollectionBuilder-CSV template and the static website generator Jekyll, this project creates an engaging interface to explore driven by metadata.

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