Aizu-Hongo (会津本郷)

A ceramic center that encompasses Aizu-Hongo and Aizu-Wakamatsu in the Fukushima Prefecture of Japan. Kilns in this area began producing porcelain around 1800, which was distributed to Tokyo and to markets throughout the northeastern portion of Honshu. Beginning in the late nineteenth century, Aizu-Hongo wares were also exported to the United States (Crueger et al. 2006:228). Aizu-Hongo teapots decorated with sometsuke (染付) peony motifs appear in American import catalogs from 1907 and 1916 (Van Patten 1997:11,16). Shark-skin (鮫肌釉)) glazed teapots, also likely from Aizu-Hongo, appear in 1914 and 1916 catalogs (Litts 1988:44; Van Patten 1994:37). These catalogs illustrate dobin (⼟瓶), kyusu (急須), and teipotto (ティーポット) forms.

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Side of Sometsuke Botan Dobin (teapot with hand-painted peonies in cobalt)

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Side of Samehada-Gusuri Dobin (sharkskin glaze teapot)

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