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ada county administration anadromous fish appropriation aquatic insects aquifer characteristics aquifer management aquifer systems aquifer testing aquifers arsenic artesian aquifers artesian basins artificial recharge bank storage bed sediment benefit cost analysis benthos bibliographies bioassay boise river watershed canal seepage canyon county cassia county chemical composition coliform community development computer models consumptive use contaminants cost analysis culverts dam effects deep percolation disinfection dissolved oxygen dredging drinking water economic efficiency economic evaluation economic impact erosion control eutrophication evapotranspiration farms feasibility studies feeding rates fish fish behavior fish farming fish migration fish passages fishing industry waste water flood control flow flow characteristics flow velocity fluctuations food chains frozen ground furrow irrigation geohydrology geothermal resources geothermal studies groundwater groundwater basins groundwater contamination groundwater depletion groundwater development groundwater discharge groundwater flow groundwater hydrology groundwater irrigation groundwater level groundwater management groundwater movement groundwater pollution groundwater recharge habitats heavy metals hunting hydraulic conductivity hydraulic turbines hydroelectric plants hydroelectric power hydrogeology hydrologic data hydrologic models hydrologic systems hydrology in situ tests industrial wastewater institutional constraints irrigation irrigation design irrigation districts irrigation efficiency irrigation practices irrigation systems irrigation water land development legal aspects legislation limnology macroinvertebrates mathematical models measuring instruments mine wastes mineral industry mining mining wastes model studies natural recharge natural resource development natural streams nitrogen ozone perched water table permeability phosphates phosphorous phytoplankton ponding population density precipitation predation public opinion pumpage recharge recreation regression analysis regulations rehabilitation research needs research priorities resources development river basin management river regulations runoff sediment sediment contamination sediment control sediment transport sediment yield seepage seepage loss sewage systems siting snake river social benefits soil water speciation stream classification streamflow substrates surface groundwater relations surveys thermal water toxicity trout unsaturated flow waste management waste treatment wastewater disposal wastewater irrigation water balance water budget water conservation water costs water demand water level fluctuations water management water pollution water pollution control water pollution prevention water pollution sources water properties water quality water quality management water resources development water resources management water resources planning water reuse water rights water supply water supply development water supply management water table water table decline water table fluctuations water table rise water temperature water use water yield water yield improvement watershed management watershed models well data well drilling zinc