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The Malcolm M. Renfrew Interdisciplinary Colloquium is named after Professor Malcolm M. Renfrew, esteemed chemist, teacher, artist, trombonist, philanthropist, and Vandal. Professor Renfrew has combined an interest in science with enduring interests in the arts and humanities. An important and influential chemist and teacher, Professor Renfrew is also an accomplished painter. His robust curiosity made Professor Renfrew a fixture in the early years of the University Interdisciplinary Colloquium, providing important and helpful guidance to the series directors.

It is with great pleasure that we acknowledge his interdisciplinary life and influence by renaming the University Interdisciplinary Colloquium in his honor. Each semester, the series will host one or two "Renfrew Lectures" that focus on bridging the two cultures of science and the humanities/arts.
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