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Turning of the Wheel:

The interplay of the Unique and Universal

A Digital Collection of Events from the Humanities Colloquium Series, Turning of the Wheel,
University of Idaho | Moscow, Idaho | 2011-2012

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Turning of the Wheel: The Interplay of the Unique and Universal

Who are we? How are we defining ourselves and our University of Idaho community?
What is the interplay between our diversity and our universality?


Colloquium Talks

David Adler
Katherine Aiken
Donald Burnett
Nancy Chaney
Marco Deyasi
Stephen Drown
Dan Edwards
Sanford Eigenbrode
James Foster
Rodney Frey (Keynote)
Heather Gasser
Janis Johnson
Sally Graves Machlis &
Delphine Keim-Campbell

John Mihelich
Michael O'Rourke
Marty Peterson
Garth Reese
Brandon Schrand
Bill Smith
Carmen Suarez
Mark Trahant
Bill Voxman


Adoration of Dora
Barry Bilderback (Ghanaian Music)
Dan Bukvich and Jazz Choir
One Foot


Art about Art (Adoration of Dora)
Indigenous Women's Perspectives
Nez Perce Jazz Musicians
MFA Creative Writing Students

Turning of the Wheel PBS Documentary - Denise Bennett

How we conceptualize the interplay between the unique and the universal, between the diverse spokes and common hub/rim of the Wheel has far reaching implications on our capacities for communication and collaboration, for discovery and creativity, for tolerance, respect and empathy, for building and sustaining local and global community.

The relationship of the particular and ubiquitous directly affects the learning, research, creativity and civility among and between the students and faculty of the University of Idaho community, and beyond.

In an era of entrenched, seemingly mutually-exclusive, partisan politics, respecting our differences and finding "common ground" are all the more critical.

To address these intriguing albeit ambitious questions you're invited to take a journey through a series of talks and performances, exhibits and readings, interactive discussions and experiences that occurred throughout the Fall and Spring semesters of 2011-12. Our Humanities Exploration will draw from the university - its students and faculty - to help inform and celebrate the university - its students and faculty - and beyond. Let's see what awaits. I'm honored to be your guide.

Rodney Frey, Distinguished Humanities Professor

A Digital Collection of Events

With the help of many talented individuals and generous organizations throughout the unviersity (see credits), the events that occurred during the 2011-2012 Humanities Colloquim series were videotaped and photographed for future use and preservation in a digital archive. This website is the outcome of that work.

The videos and photos, as well as the slides and papers presented, have been archived and uploaded into the the University of Idaho Library's Digital Collections. The talks, performances, and discussions are linked to the right. They can also be accessed via the dropdown menu at the top of each page, and the entire database can be searched using the search box above. Much of the material used here was appropriated from the series' original website, which can be accessed here.

For more information: Rodney Frey