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Turning of the Wheel:

The interplay of the Unique and Universal

A Digital Collection of Events from the Humanities Colloquium Series, Turning of the Wheel,
University of Idaho | Moscow, Idaho | 2011-2012

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Each of the following University of Idaho community members offered his or her own response to the thematic question:

"What is significance for you of the interplay between the particular/diverse/unique
and the shared/universal/ubiquitous?"

While open to all academic approaches and disciplines, an emphasis was placed on a humanities perspective for the interpretation and understanding of these responses. See the following summary of a "humanities perspective" as developed for this exploration.

The faculty and student responses were conveyed through a series of presentations - a blend of talks, exhibitions and performances, including lectures, readings, art exhibits, dance, musical and theatrical events, as well as reflective discussions. All presentations were held during the Fall and Spring semesters, 2011-12.



Frey at Keynote.  Click to Enlarge.
Photo: Kristin Carlson Becker

09/12 - Turning of the Wheel: Meeting the Challenges and Charting - Creating the World with Spokes and a Hub

Rodney Frey (Professor of Ethnography and Distinguished Humanities Professor)

Inaugural event, a "key" unlocking the year-long Humanities Exploration series of interactive experiences, lectures, exhibits and performances. Keynote Address given September 1 Legacy Pointe Boise Center (30), September 8 Coeur d'Alene Center (45), and September 12 Administration Auditorium, Moscow Campus (350).

09/13 - Invisible Spokes: The Ubiquity of Magic in the West

Garth Reese (Associate Professor and Head, Library's Special Collections and Archives, with a research focus in Religious Studies)

A colloquium talk given September 13 (37).

09/21 - The Village Sings and Drums and Dances 

Dan Bukvich (Professor of Music) with Navin Chettri and the Jazz Choir I. 

An evening of engaged voices and rhythms preformed on September 21 (103).

09/27 - Better Living through Philosophy: Ways of Knowing and the Search for Common Ground

Michael O'Rourke (Professor of Philosophy, and team member of Toolbox)

A colloquium talk given September 27 (76).

09/29 to 10/06 - Adoration of Dora: a Play with Text and Images

Written by Lauren "Lojo" Simon, a MFA student, and directed by Robert Caisley

Adoration of Dora has won the prestigious 2011 David Mark Cohen National Playwriting Award (supported by the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, the Association for Theatre in Higher Education, and Dramatic Publishing Company). This play was co-sponsored by the Humanities Exploration and performed on September 29, 30, October 1, 6 - 9 (1,276). WARNING: adult themes and content, not suitable for all audiences.

10/04 - Art about Art: Collaboration and Expression of Self and Other in Creating New Work for Theatre (on the play, Adoration of Dora)

Marco Deyasi (Assistant Professor of Art and Design), Lauren "Lojo" Simon (MFA student and playwright) and Robert Caisley (Associate Professor of Theatre Arts and Head of Dramatic Writing)

A colloquium panel discussion given October 4 (32).

10/18 - Reflections on Serving under Seven University of Idaho Presidents - Representing the University in all its Diversity and Universality

Marty Peterson (Special Assistant to the President, Governmental Relations)

A colloquium talk given October 18 (32).

11/01 - Removing the Mask: The Personal Essay as an Epistemological Instrument in the Unique and the Universal

Brandon Schrand (Assistant Professor of English)

A colloquium talk given November 1 (40).

11/08 - Akwaaba and the Organization of Traditional Music and Dance in Ghanaian Culture

Barry Bilderback (Assistant Professor of Music), partnering with Navin Chettri and World Beat

An evening workshop and performance held November 8 (45).

11/15 - Governing in an Era of Crisis: The Rule of Law and Emergency Powers

David Adler (James A. McClure Professor and Director, McClure Center for Public Policy Research)

A colloquium talk given November 15 (50).

11/29 - The Unique and Universal in the Personal Essay: Graduate Student Readings

Ann Stebner Steele, Cara Stoddard, Jamaica Ritcher and Aaron Poor, MFA students of Brandon Schrand

An evening of essay readings held November 29 (45).

12/06 - "Un Testimonio:  �Quien Soy Yo?  Who Am I? - A Chicago-born Latina's Path to Ethnic Identity and Activism

Carmen Suarez (Director, Office of Human Rights, Access and Inclusion)

A colloquium talk given December 6 (100).



Voxman giving talk. Click to enlarge.
Photo: Kristin Carlson Becker

01/17 - Communicating Communication through Black and White Photography: Connecting the Diverse with the Shared in Common

Bill Voxman (Photographer and Professor Emeritus of Mathematics)

A colloquium talk given January 17 (45).

Communicating Communication through Black and White Photography: Connecting the Diverse with the Shared in Common. - An exhibit of Voxman's photography was held in the Reflections Gallery in the Commons between January 9 and 27.

01/24 - Notes from a Basically Applied Scientist

Sanford Eigenbrode (Professor of Chemical Ecology, Chair of Entomology, team member of the National Science Foundation Integrated Graduate Education and Research Traineeship - NSR-IGERT, and team member of Toolbox)

A colloquium talk given on January 24 (45).

01/31 - Why the Classics Matter: Ancient Greece and the Modern University

James A. Foster (Professor of Biology and Computer Science)

A colloquium talk given on January 31 (75).

02/07 - Community Without Borders: Symbolism, Theosophy, and Anti-Colonialism in France, 1880-1910

- Marco Deyasi (Assistant Professor of Art and Design)

A colloquium talk held on February 7 (45).

02/14 - A Historian Looks at Valentine's Day:  the Interplay of Dollars and Cupids

Katherine Aiken (Dean, College of Letters, Arts & Social Sciences, and Professor of History)

A colloquium talk given on February 14  (125).

02/21 - Social Justice and Feminist Leadership: Sharing the Unique Perspectives and Universal Concepts

Heather Gasser (Director, Women's Center)

A colloquium talk given on February 21  (53).

02/28 - Road Stories

Sally Graves Machlis (Chair and Professor of Art and Design) and Delphine Keim-Campbell (Associate Professor Art and Design)

A colloquium talk on February 28 (117).

Road Stories, the art exhibit, was installed in the Reflections Gallery in the Commons from February 20 - March 3.

03/06 - The International Community Looks for . . .  Community?

Bill Smith (Director, Martin Institute and International Studies)

A colloquium talk given on March 6 (60).

03/27 - The University of Idaho Olmsted Brothers' Master Plan: Historical Process and the Creation of Place

Stephen Drown (Chair and Professor of Landscape Architecture)

A colloquium talk given on March 27 (65).

04/03 - This Is the Sound of Survivance: Nez Perce Indians Playing Jazz

- Janis Johnson (Assistant Professor English)

A colloquium talk held on April 3 (50).

04/03 - An Evening of Discussion with Nez Perce Jazz Musicians

Janis Johnson (Assistant Professor English) moderator with Nez Perce descendents of musicians, including Loretta Halfmoon, Shirley McCormack, and Silas Whitman

Held on the evening of April 3 (35).

04/10 - Adventures of Time and Space Travel Aboard an Amazing Machine: The Wheel as Political Metaphor

Nancy Chaney (alumnus and Mayor of Moscow)

A colloquium talk on April 10 (30).

04/10 - Turning of the Wheel: an Indigenous Woman's Perspective

Graduate students from Georgia Johnson's 'Indigenous Knowledge and Research Models in Education' course, including Lynn M. Becerra, Maria Isabel Morales, Renée Holt, D'Lisa Pinkham, and Angel Sobotta

Panel members share their experiences in a panel presentation held the evening of April 10 (20).

04/17 - Is Good Enough, Good Enough? Cultural Imagination and Human Capacities for Self, Other and Community

John Mihelich (Chair and Associate Professor of Anthropology and Sociology)

A colloquium talk delivered April 17 (60).

04/17 - The Full Spectrum in a Wheel: Less, More and the Opposite Spoke

Mark Trahant (�Editor in Residence� for the School of Journalism and Mass Media; National award winning journalist, Trahant is a member of Idaho's Shoshone-Bannock Tribe )

A talk given the evening of April 17 (30).

04/24 - The Unique vs. The Universal: the Final Round

Dan Edwards (Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry)

A colloquium talk given on April 24 (70).

05/09 - One Foot: a One-Act Play (Winner of the One Act Play Festival)

Written by Lauren "Lojo" Simon, and directed by Travis Gray

One Foot was the winner of the 2012 One Act Play Festival at the University of Idaho. The play was performed on the opening night of a weekend festival of original plays written by University of Idaho MFA student playwrights on the theme of the interplay between the unique and universal. One Foot was written by Lojo Simon, directed by Travis Gray, and performed by Sean Parker and Lindsey Teter. The Festival was coordinated by Robert Caisley (Associate Professor of Theatre Arts and Head of Dramatic Writing) and David Lee-Painter (Professor of Performance and Theatre Arts).

Spring Semester - Turning of the Wheel Course

Along with a 1-credit seminar, a 3-credit course, built around the theme of this series, was held during the Spring Semester 2012.  See Lindsey Anderson's paper in response to the Series and its theme.

Postponed to FALL SEMESTER 2012

11/06/2013 - From Ethics to Economics: A Jurisprudential Search for Enduring Principles

Donald Burnett (Dean, College of Law and Professor of Law)

A colloquium talk given on November 6.

For more information: Rodney Frey