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University of Idaho | Moscow, Idaho | 2011-2012

Performances > Dan Bukvich with Navin Chettri and the Jazz Choir I

Dan Bukvich with Navin Chettri and the Jazz Choir,
Dan Bukvich is Professor of Music. Navin Chettri is Bukvich's student and a musician.

Musical Performance, September 21, 2011, Prichard Gallery

The Village Sings and Drums and Dances

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Many cultures in the world have no word for music as a separate concept from daily life. When these cultures speak of "music," they refer to the entire village singing, drumming, and dancing. At the University of Idaho, this village is Jazz Choir I, directed by Professor Daniel Bukvich. Performing original compositions and unique arrangements, Choir I is one of the most unique ensembles in the United States.

Tonight's special performance features compositions by Bukvich, including "Spinning Samba," composed specifically for this event, an encore performance of "Missa Africa," and in collaboration Navin Chettri, graduate student in music from Nepal, "Spiritual Mass," a fusion of Western and Hindu music. Out of the diversity, universal access.


Daniel Bukvich was born and raised in Butte, Montana, where he began composing while still in high school, and began his career at the University of Idaho in 1977, earning his Master of Music from the university in 1978.

Professor Bukvich is an internationally recognized and accomplished composer, arranger, and performer, as well as a scholar of enormous depth. He has performed internationally as a percussionist, guest conductor and clinician. Through his compositions and arrangements, he continued to set a high standard; to which other contemporary writing is compared. He is recognized in regional, national, and international performance communities for his unique personal and thoroughly engaging vocabulary which continues to evolve and inspire; for his command of form, texture, shape, gesture, and color which is impeccable. This is evidenced in such diverse works as "The Glittering Hill," "Meditations on the Writings of Vasily Kandinsky," and "The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne," each reflective of his versatility and individuality.

Locally, Professor Bukvich is lauded for his productions of the annual "University of Idaho Jazz Choirs Holiday Concert" in the Kibbie Dome, "Dancers, Drummers, and Dreamers" done in collaboration with the university's Center for Dance, and the July Concert on the Arboretum lawn.

The breadth and depth in Professor Bukvich's teaching is described as "simply stunning." He inspires his students by generating teaching materials for his classes such as writing a jazz choir piece, creating progressive exercises or developing music theory materials to teach written and aural skills. He brings professional standards and a joy of performance to every situation, amateur or professional. And it is "inspiration" that best sums up what he brings to his students, helping them to soar to new levels of music creativity. And it is "inspiration" that we will witness this evening with his collaboration with Navin Chettri, and the Jazz Choir, and the performance of "Spiritual Mass." In 2011, Daniel Bukvich was named one of the University of Idaho's Distinguished Professors.

Navin Chettri is a percussionist, vocalist, composer and founder and artistic director of The Kathmandu Jazz Festival. He was born and raised in the hills of Darjeeling India a region inhabited by people of Nepalese origin. Learning tabla and entering singing competitions from the age of 4, Navin was greatly influenced by Indian rhythms and vocal styles. His band Cadenza experimented with many genres of music from rock, reggae, and blues to funk and Motown and moved to Kathmandu Nepal in 1993.

Travelers and musicians from Africa, Europe and America exposed the band to jazz,and Navin found his true passion in this creative realm of music. Indian classical music, Nepali folk, Bebop, Latin, free style and afro-beat all have colored his repertoire during weekly Cadenza gigs at Kathmandu's famous Upstairs Jazz Bar. With Cadenza, Navin released albums like "Don't Mind if we do" in 2000, "Jazz at Patan" in 2002 and Groove for Shiva in 2005 . These recordings received critical recognition in Nepal and around the world. His latest CD "Remembering Kathmandu" and "Celebrating Music without Boundaries" will be out in the market soon.

Navin traveled with Cadenza to Australia to perform in the Palmer Street Jazz Festival in Brisbane in 2001 and that led him to music education and organizing the first and only annual jazz festival in Nepal. The Kathmandu Jazz Festival or Jazzmandu,strives to bringquality jazzto the Himalayas, that promotes music education,cultural interactionand the message of peace & compassion through music. The festival, under Navin's direction and in it's 9th year, has successfullyfeatured international musicians such as Ari Hoenig (USA) Trilok Gurtu (India) Catia Werneck Quartet (Brazil), Steve Barrios Trio and Jamie Baum (New York), Louis Banks,(India), Don Burrows (Australia)Natallie Williams sextet (England), Jesse van Ruller Trio and Yuri Honing Trio (Netherlands), Urban Connection and Solid (Norway) and Max Lolo (Benin) to name a few.

CurrentlyNavin is completing his music performance & composition degree at the Lionel Hampton School of Music under Professor Dan Bukvich. He experiments with musicians from different backgrounds blending sounds from around the world and composing music for various ensembles including Uof I Jazz Choir I, Cadenza Collective, UI World Beat Ensemble and the Afro Latin Ensemble.

"Any band is only ever as good as its drummer and this one is surprisingly good". Sting, "Walking on the Moon" Men's Journal (England), Nov. 2003

"Chettri is a gifted chant-and-scat vocalist and a creative drummer whose foundations constantly elevate even average performances from other players." Mark Sabbatini "Burning And Chilling At Jazzmandu 2005". November 15, 2005

"Multi-talented Navin who with Cadenza has put Nepali jazz on the map, locally and internationally". Neal Sellers, "Jazzmandu 2002" Jazz Chord (Australia), May 2002.

For more information: Rodney Frey