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Verna Bergmann - University of Idaho Campus Dietitian
Student Health Services

April 6 - Idaho Commons Whitewater Room
12:30 pm

Abstract: From a dietitian’s perspective, what happens to food from the field to the table has significant implications for our health. We must become aware of the connection between the dirt in the field to the food that grows in the dirt to the food on the table and to the eater, to understand the impact on our health. Many steps along the way can have a positive or negative impact on the final outcome on the health of us, our environment and our planet. Lifestyle changes implied in local, seasonal, sustainable food systems are critical in making the long terms changes needed for improved health. The fabric of the grass root movement for sustainable food systems is a key ingredient to life style change that can have long term implications for improving our health. During this session, we will begin to connect the dots between the health of our soil, our food and ourselves.
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