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Water of the West: Towards a Sustainable, Interdisciplinary Water Resources Program
MRIC 2006/07

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“Water of the West: Towards a Sustainable, Interdisciplinary Water Resources Program”

November 7th 
Jan Boll - Biological & Agricultural Engineering
Barbara Cosens - Law
Fritz Fiedler - Civil Engineering

Abstract: The Water of the West Initiative (WoW Initiative) was awarded on April 17, 2006. The WoW Initiative will launch a Water Resources Graduate Program (WR Program) in an innovative direction that will lead the region in the education and training of tomorrow’s water resources professionals. This program will facilitate research and education to influence both the scientific understanding of the resource and how it is managed, and advance the decision-making processes that are the means to address competing societal values. We will highlight the five elements in the WoW Initiative: (1) an integrative problem-solving framework; (2) broadening WR education; (3) new faculty necessary to bring a concurrent J.D. degree into the WR Program and strengthen the Law, Policy, and Management option area of the WR Program; (4) administrative structure of the program; and (5) graduate student assistantships. Collectively, the WoW Initiative will provide the resources to launch the proposed WR Program. The WoW Initiative has the support of six colleges at the UI: Agricultural & Life Sciences; Engineering; Law; Science; Letters, Arts & Social Sciences; and Natural Resources. It is a university-wide initiative strengthened by collaboration with the Idaho Water Resources Research Institute.

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