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Fall 2005
MRIC 2005/06

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Fall 2005

September 6th
"Teaching, Mentoring and Research - Compatible Priorities" 
Thomas Bitterwolf - Chemistry

September 12th
"The Ethics of Wolf Control
Michael Nelson - Philosophy

September 20th
"Lessons Learned from a Frozen Continent: Performing Research in Antarctica" 
Von Walden - Geography

September 27th
"A City at War: Political Culture in Guilin during China’s Anti-Japanese War, 1938-1944" 
Pingchao Zhu - History

October 4th
"Mining and Mine Rescue"
Michael Weaver - Idaho Geological Survey

October 11th
"The Never-Ending Dream of Mankind: The Theory of Everything" 
Ruprecht Machleidt - Physics

October 18th
"Mural Messages from Venezuela: El Presidente Hugo Chávez Frías y La Revolución Bolivariana" 
Dale Graden - History

Oc tober 25th
"A Point of View on Being an Expert and Just Being"
Sanford Eigenbrode - PSES

November 1st
"Good Work, Smart Workers, Engaged Learners, and Active Citizens"
Jim Gregson - Adult, Career, and Technology Education

November 8th
"Evolutionary Lag: What Is It and What Does It Tell Us about the Design of Human Behavior?" 
John Byers - Biology

November 15th 
"The Performer as Collaborator: The Process of Commissioning Music" 
James Reid - Lionel Hampton School of Music

November 29th
"Perception as Reality: When, How and Should Researchers Aggregate Perception" 
Scott Metlen - Business
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