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Fall 2006
MRIC 2006/07

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Fall 2006

September 5
Candida Gillis - English
Debbie Storrs - Sociology
Traci Craig - Psychology 
"The Power of Play"
September 12 
Rick Fehrenbacher - English
"Getting Medieval: Video Games and the Reinvention of the Middle Ages "

September 19 
Jason Johnstone-Yellin - Philosophy
Douglas Lind - Philosophy
John Mihelich - Sociology
"The Idaho Professional Ethics Initiative"
September 26  
David McIlroy - Physics
"The Merging of Nanotechnology and the Biological Sciences: Why Here and Now?"
October 3
Laura Holyoke - ACTE
"Organizational Health in Universities"
October 10
Maxine Dakins - Environmental Science Program
Chris Dixon - Environmental Science Program
"Sustainable Idaho: Finding the Path"

October 17  
Pat Costello - Law
Maureen Laflin - Law
Monica Schurtman - Law 
"Learning by Trials and Errors: University of Idaho Clinical Legal Education"
October 24 
Brandon R. Schrand - English & Creative Writing 
"In History’s Shadow: The Life and Lost Legacy of Captain John Codman (1814-1900)"
October 31
Michael Kyte - NIATT
"Bringing an Interdisciplinary Perspective to Transportation – or Why Engineers Shouldn’t Do It Alone"

November 7 
Jan Boll - Biological & Agricultural Engineering
Barbara Cosens - Law 
Fritz Fiedler - Civil Engineering
"UI Strategic Initiative: “Water of the West: Towards a Sustainable, Interdisciplinary Water Resources Program”

November 14 
Kim Barnes - English & Idaho Writer-in-Residence 
"Revision in a Time of Revision: A Discussion of How the Creative Process is Stimulated and Stymied by Personal and Political Crisis"
November 28 
Steve Hollenhorst - Conservation Social Sciences
Stephen Drown - Landscape Architecture
"The Building Sustainable Communities Initiative: A New University and Community Partnership"
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