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Why Biodiesel? — Biodiesel and Its International Impact
MRIC 2006/07

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"Why Biodiesel? — Biodiesel and Its International Impact"

March 6th 
Brian He
Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Abstract: Global oil reserves are in decline, markets are becoming more competitive, many of the oil producing countries are becoming unstable and global warming issues are looming large on the horizon. As these problems escalate and diesel prices exceed three dollars a gallon in the U.S., biodiesel is getting unprecedented attention. Biodiesel from vegetable oils has been shown to be the best supplement to fossil-based fuels due to environmental advantages, renewable resource availability, and ability to lessen the dependence on imported oils. Biodiesel is one of the hottest topics globally. What so good about biodiesel? Can it be all biodiesel? What is the status of biodiesel production & utilization in the U.S. and rest of the world?

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