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Promoting Biomedical Research in Idaho
MRIC 2004/05

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"Promoting Biomedical Research in Idaho"

September 14 
Mike Laskowski -Biology & WWAMI

Abstract: Three years ago the state of Idaho was offered a unique opportunity to enhance its biomedical research. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) requested proposals to build a statewide research network to increase the number of grant awards in states like Idaho that traditionally receive a small share of research grants. Because of unprecedented cooperation between the three universities, UI, ISU and BSU, Idaho received $8.3 M in funding over three years.

Under the BRIN (Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network) Program, researchers, students and postdoctoral fellows realized improved research facilities, release time from teaching, start up costs and seed grants to improve the output of biomedical research. During this time Idaho doubled its NIH grant support, leading the nation in rate of growth. Building on this success we applied for and recently received $16M over five years to extend the research network to the other colleges and universities in the state. The long term goal of these programs is to create sustainable growth in research. That means technology transfer, jobs and a developing bioscience industrial base. Central to this mission is building a core strength in bioinformatics and a high speed telecommunications network that will surmount geographic barriers. Cooperation and collaboration are the operative terms that will be necessary if Idaho is to capitalize on this opportunity to promote future research in the state.

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