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MRIC 2009/10

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John Lawrence Business and Economics
March 2 - UI Commons Whitewater Room
12:30 p.m.

Abstract: Cases are commonly used to teach business concepts to business students. Cases help to create a student-centered classroom dynamic and help students understand the need for and appreciate the value of business theories, frameworks and tools as they are introduced to and asked to apply these theories, frameworks and tools. But teaching with cases is only part of the opportunity for faculty members. Writing cases represents an accepted and encouraged component of research at numerous business schools, and the process of researching and writing these cases can provide valuable outreach to regional businesses and nonprofits. Today’s presenter has worked with a number of local and regional organizations (e.g., Cowgirl Chocolates, Pacific Cataract & Laser Institute, Pacific Northwest Fiber, Palouse Ice Rink Association, and The Backyard Harvest) through the case research and writing process. He will talk about the multiple opportunities that case research presents and discuss how faculty from across campus can become involved in this very rewarding form of research, teaching and outreach.
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