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Spring 2003
MRIC 2002/03

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Spring 2003

January 28
"Interdisciplinary Research at the University of Idaho"
Charles R Hatch - Research & Graduate Studies

February 4
"Crisis in the Public Realm"
Nels Reese - Architecture

February 11
"Villa Bitricci Viva Las Vegas" 
David Giese - Art

March 4
"Directing Nikolai Gogol's Class Russian Satire in Moscow -- (Idaho!)"
Nike Imoru - Theatre Arts

March 11
"Preserving Our Jazz Heritage: The International Jazz Collections"
Lewis Ricci - International Jazz Collections

March 25
"Conceptualizing Time in Spatial Terms (or Not)" 
Kurt Queller - English

April 1
"My Three Decades of Scholarly Activities at UI - From Environmental Studies to Nanomaterials Research" 
Chien Wai - Chemistry

April 8
"Why General Education and What Can (or Can't) We Do About It."
Bill Voxman - Core/Mathematics

April 15
"Autonomous Vehicles"
Dean Edwards - Mechanical Engineering
Joe Feeley &  Richard Wall - Electrical Engineering

April 22
"How to Kill Bacteria in 100 Simple Steps"
Ken Bayles - MMBB

April 29
"New Challenges/Developments in Investment Analysis" 
Mario Reyes - Business
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