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Spring 2010
MRIC 2009/10

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Spring 2010

NOTE: All Colloquiums are held at the Idaho Commons Whitewater Room at 12:30pm - unless otherwise noted.

February 2
Karen Launchbaugh    
Associate Professor, Rangeland Ecology & Management  
"Targeted Grazing - A Natural Approach to Managing Plants and Landscapes" 
February 9
Phil Deutchman
Emeritus Professor, Physics 
"Hawking Radiation: Are Black Holes Really Black? 

February 16
Mike Scott        
Professor, Fish and Wildlife Senior Scientist, USGS Conservation
"Reliant Species: Our New Relationship with Nature" 

February 23
Navin Chettri
Founder & Artistic Director, Kathmandu Jazz Festival Jazz in the Himalayas

Kathmandu Jazz Festival 

March 2            
John Lawrence    

Professor, Business 
"From Cowgirl Chocolates to Backyard Harvest: Business Cases Bring Research, Teaching and Outreach Together"           

March 9         
Location: Idaho Commons Crest Room    
Matthew Rudd   

Assistant Professor, Mathematics 
"Paint-by-number PDEs"
March 30        
Doug Adams   
Professor, English 
"The Power of the Word: What Language Can and Cannot Tell Us About Prehistory" 

April 6      
Verna Bergmann
University of Idaho Campus Dietitian 
"Food—From Field to Table"

April 13         
Jodie Nicotra & Rochelle Smith         
Assistant Professor, English & Assistant Professor, Library 
"The Return of Do-It-Yourself: Food and Craft in the New Millennium"
April 27            
Leontina Hormel         
Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology 
"Different or the Same? Women as Activists and Citizens in Kharkiv and Lviv during Ukraine’s Orange Revolution" 

May 4         
Sharon Fritz
Licensed Psychologist, Associate Professor at Large 
"Addressing the Substance Use Issues on the UI Campus"

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