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Wildland Fire in a Changing World
MRIC 2012/13

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"Wildland Fire in a Changing World"

Penelope Morgan

Professor of Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences
Tuesday, Sept. 25
Aurora Room, 4th Floor Idaho Commons 12:30 pm

Abstract:Many large wildfires have burned across the West in recent decades, often threatening people and property. We will have more large fires and smoke in the future. Why? Because we live in a fire environment.  In most of the world, biomass accumulates faster than it decomposes, and the excess biomass can fuel fires that ignite under hot, dry, windy conditions. Fire management is challenging, for many fire effects are good, and others are bad. How can fire science help us? What can you do to protect your home and encourage sound fire management? How do we educate leaders and work with leaders in wildland fire here at the University of Idaho, where we have been national leaders for more than 35 years? Come join the conversation!

Suggested reading: July 2012 editorial from the Denver Post written by Tony Cheng, Colorado State University:

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