Transitions, vol. 5, no. 2, February 1992; Legacy of the 1864 Northern Pacific Grant: Part 1, Plundering the Northwest, Train Wrecks, Abandoned Communities and Clearcuts Item Info

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Transitions, vol. 5, no. 2, February 1992; Legacy of the 1864 Northern Pacific Grant: Part 1, Plundering the Northwest, Train Wrecks, Abandoned Communities and Clearcuts
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Osborn, John--Legacy of the 1864 Northern Pacific Grant: Part 1, Train Wrecks, Abandoned Communities, and Clearcuts; Solomon, Mark--Forest Watch Report--February 1992; Howard, John--Train Wrecks: America's Railroads in Trouble, Toxic spill drifts toward big California reservoir--The Oregonian, 1991-7-17(Portland, OR); Howard, John--Rail cars fall from Latah Creek Bridge--The Spokesman Review, 1991-12-25(Spokane, WA); Morlin, Bill--Derailments renew city fears of toxic cargoes--The Spokesman Review, 1991-9-1(Spokane, WA); Dietz, David--Derailments, Chemical Spills Spur Concern About Rail Safety--Omaha World-Herald, 1991-12-30(Omaha, NE); Farmers get Railroaded--The Spokesman Review, 1991-4-7(Spokane, WA); Sorensen, Eric--No train; tiny town is cut off--The Spokesman Review, 1991-4-3(Spokane, WA); Massey, Steve--Rail hearing sparks vigorous debate, Critics blast proposal to abandon Idaho line--The Spokesman Review, 1991-11-26(Spokane, WA); Keep Silver Valley on track--The Spokesman Review, 1991-9-30(Spokane, WA); Sacks, Terry--Critics: BN monopoly hurts Montana--The Spokesman Review, 1988-2-2(Spokane, WA); Dawson, Pat--The BN pot continues to boil Montana--High Country News, 1987-12-21(Paonia, CO); Massey, Steve--BN planning to close only Idaho agency--The Spokesman Review, 1991-7-23(Spokane, WA); Rail workers halted in protest against Rail Link takeover--The Spokesman Review, 1987-11-1(Spokane, WA); Patton, Phil--Lincoln Fueled the Railroad Era's Engine--The New York Times, 1992-2-24(New York, NY); 'The Development of the Country'--The Overland Monthly, 1868(San Francisco, CA); The Northern pacific, Formal Completion Of Henry Villard's Railroad--The New York Times, 1883-9-9(New York, NY); Glaspell, Kate Eldridge--Incidents In The Life Of A Pioneer--North Dakota Historical Quarterly, 1941; Julian, George W.--Railway Influence In The Land Office--North American Review, 1883-3; Millions of acres expected to be unlocked--The Spokesman Review, 1988-1-21(Spokane, WA); Deal Now Closed--St. Paul Pioneer Press, 1900-1-3(St. Paul, MN); Kadera, Jim--Like giant fir trees, Weyerhaeuser Co. started out small--The Oregonian, 1991-12-29(Portland, OR); Bond, David--Rutledge Mill saws its last log in early morning hours--The Spokesman Review, 1987-10-31(Spokane, WA); America's Largest Mill, Weyerhaeusers Will Build At Coeur d'Alene--The Spokesman Review, 1907-3-8(Spokane, WA); Durbin, Kathie--Weyerhaeuser wins Bush administration ear--The Oregonian, 1991-8-7(Portland, OR); Big Upward Movement In The Stock Market--The New York Times, 1901-5-7; Stock Market Corner In Northern Pacific--The New York Times, 1901-5-8; Market Falls And Panic Soon Reigns--The New York Times, 1901-5-9(New York, NY); Northern Pacific Corner Exposed--The New York Times, 1901-5-10(New York, NY); Disaster And Ruin In Falling Market--The New York Times, 1901-5-10(New York, NY); Apprehension In London--The New York Times, 1901-5-10(New York, NY); The Northern Pacific 'Corner' Now Broken--The New York Times, 1901-5-10(New York, NY); Hill's Friend Sold Stock--The New York Times, 1901-5-11(New York, NY); Merger Case Argued--The New York Times, 1904-1-8(New York, NY); Supreme Court Wrecks Merger--The New York Times, 1904-3-15(New York, NY); Northwest Merger Future Decided--The New York Times, 1904-3-23(New York, NY); United States v. Interstate Commerce Commission Et Al--The United States District Court For The District Of Columbia, 1970-2-2; B. N. holders vote for holding company, move here--The Seattle Times, 1981-5-15(Seattle, WA); Ramsey, Bruce--BN to split into two companies--Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1988-6-3(Seattle, WA); Burlington Resources' spinoff is to be completed by year-end--Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1988-10-21(Seattle, WA); Burlington Northern shuffles executives--The Seattle Times, 1988-10-21(Seattle, WA); Steele, Karen Dorn--East Siders: Don't dump toxic waste here--The Spokesman Review, 1989-9-12(Spokane, WA); Gillis, Robin--Waste projects put breadbasket at risk--The Spokesman Review, 1991-5-5(Spokane, WA); Steele, Karen Dorn--Farmers fear fallout from incinerators--The Spokesman Review, 1990-10-13(Spokane, WA); City of Salmon hopeful about gold strike--Lewiston Tribune, 1988-11-30(Lewiston, ID); Howard, Tom--Mining firm pulls leases of protesters--Billings Gazette, 1991-5-16(Billings, MT); Horning, John--BLM coal swap called 'a gross inequity' and a water threat--High Country News, 1991-2-11(Paonia, CO); El Paso Natural Gas likely to be spun off as separate company--The Spokesman Review, 1991-12-6(Spokane, WA); Burlington Resources: $72 million profit--Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1989-1-17(Seattle, WA); Lean times strain nation's railroads--The Spokesman Review, 1991-10-20(Spokane, WA); Osborn, John--Railroads profit by exploiting resources, abandoning towns--The Daily News/Idahonian Weekend, 1991-3-23 &24(Pullman, WA and Moscow, ID)
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