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Transition, vol. 1, November 1988; Our Environment, Election '88, And The Future
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Geyer, Georgie Anne--We're burying our heads in the sand--Spokesman Review, 1988-8-26(Spokane, WA);Bond, David--Lowry says he opposes more dams--Spokesman Review, 1988-6-5(Spokane, WA); The forest road gang-- The Herald, 1986-9-14(Everett, WA); Sher, Jeff-- Road budget for forests call threat--Spokesman Review, 1986-9-26(Spokane, WA); Peirce, Andrea--Conservationists say McClure, Symms made the worst votes-- Lewiston Tribune, 1988-10-8(Lewiston, ID); Bush's son compliments McClure-- Lewiston Tribune, 1988-2-7(Lewiston, ID); Steele, Karen Dorn--Timber interests take their stand in North Idaho--Spokesman Review, 1988-8-14(Spokane, WA); Loftus, Bill--Timber backers show Solidarity--Lewiston Tribune, 1988-8-21(Lewiston, ID); Loftus, Bill--Hey chief, Campers hammer top U.S. forester--Lewiston Tribune, 1988-8-21(Lewiston, ID); Swisher, Larry--Forest Service rule change becoming a hot topic-- Lewiston Tribune, 1988-10-3(Lewiston, ID); Bishop, Katherine--Oregon Law Clinic Battles the Timber Industry--The New York Times, 1988-8-5(New York, NY); If Boise Cascade is right, why the anonymity?--Lewiston Tribune, 1988-8-2(Lewiston, ID); Weyerhaeuser: A Family Empire; Stephen Stuebner--Timber sales leave public covering loss--Idaho Statesman, 1988-10-9(Boise, ID); Stuebner, Stephen--Road-building costs determining factor of timber sale profits--Idaho Statesman, 1988-10-9(Boise, ID); Idaho forests anticipate timber revenues to rise--The Idaho Statesman, 1988-10-9(Boise, ID); Pewitt, Jana--Horseshoe Bend mill renovation to reduce jobs--Idaho Statesman, 1988-10-9(Boise, ID); Boise Cascade reports record earnings-- Lewiston Tribune, 1988-4-15 (Lewiston, ID); Petersen, Keith--Potlatch: The Birth and Death of a Company Town--Palouse Journal, 1988-Winter; Dietrich, Bill-- A clear-cut controversy, Roslyn to hear chainsaws as Plum Creek gets set to log-- The Seattle Times, 1988-10-10(Seattle, WA); Skow, John --In Washington: Lighthawk Counts the Clear-Cuts-- Time, 1988-8-29; Think Globally... Act Locally, Panel urges response to 'greenhouse effect'--The Spokesman Review, 1988-10-13(Spokane, WA)
roads dams elections timber civil actions
Spokane, WA
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