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Transitions, vol. 9, no. 3, May/June 1996; Economic Transition & the Labor Question
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Osborn, John--Economic Transition and the Labor Question; Butte Miners, Out, In Ugly Mood--The Spokesman Review, 1909-9-25(Spokane, WA); Crater, Michael--Mining Wars spawned powerful labor movement--Lewiston Tribune, 1990-7-3(Lewiston, ID); Sinclair, Bartlett--Idaho Owes Dr. Hugh France Much for Services During Coeur d'Alene Riots--The Spokesman Review, 1909-10-31(Spokane, WA); I. W. W. Members Now Fill City Jail--The Spokesman Review, 1909-3-9(Spokane, WA); I. W. W. Defying Missoula Police--The Spokesman Review, 1909-10-7(Spokane, WA); Socialists And Club Women Back Up I. W. W.--The Spokesman Review, 1909-10-7(Spokane, WA); Girl At I. W. W. Helm--The Spokesman Review, 1909-11-12(Spokane, WA); Miss Flynn To Appeal I. W. W. Organizer Gives Bond Of $5000--The Spokesman Review, 1909-11-11(Spokane, WA); E. Gurley Flynn As New York Girl--The Spokesman Review, 1909-12-12(Spokane, WA); Says B.C. Miners Support I. W. W., Give Cash, She Declares--The Spokesman Review, 1910-2-3(Spokane, WA); Miners For I. W. W. But No Boycott--The Spokesman Review, 1909-11-16(Spokane, WA); In Justice to Labor--The Spokesman Review, 1909-11-7(Spokane, WA); They Libel Spokane--The Spokesman Review, 1909-12-19(Spokane, WA); Gurley Flynn In Seattle--The Spokesman Review, 1910-1-6(Spokane, WA); New Jail Planned In I. W. W. Contest--The Spokesman Review, 1909-11-9(Spokane, WA); I. W. W., Chilled, Grow Desperate--The Spokesman Review, 1909-11-27(Spokane, WA); I. W. W. Men Are Fast On Rockpile--The Spokesman Review, 1909-12-24(Spokane, WA); Plenty of Rock To Break--The Spokesman Review, 1910-2-11(Spokane, WA); I. W. W. Paper Shifted--The Spokesman Review, 1909-12-24(Spokane, WA); I. W. W. Promise To Stop Rioting--The Spokesman Review, 1910-3-4(Spokane, WA); Lumber Camps Give Many Work--The Spokesman Review, 1909-12-17(Spokane, WA); Killed In Colorado Mine, 149--The Spokesman Review, 1910-2-1(Spokane, WA); Rescuers Go 12,000 Feet Into Mine Where Hundred Men Are Entombed--The Spokesman Review, 1910-10-11(Spokane, WA); Demanding Bureau Of Mines--The Spokesman Review, 1910-1-9(Spokane, WA); 'Labor Sunday' Plan Presented--The Spokesman Review, 1909-11-14(Spokane, WA); Drumheller, Susan--Loved ones remember mine victims--The Spokesman Review, 1992-5-3(Spokane, WA); H. B.--Kathie Lee goes to war against the sweat shop creeps--Lewiston Tribune, 1996-6-13(Lewiston, ID); Taggart, Cynthia--Bunker Hill men at risk from lead--The Spokesman Review, 1994-5-21(Spokane, WA); Paltry wages, higher living vosts drive up poverty levels in Spokane--The Spokesman Review, 1995-7-26(Spokane, WA); Livable minimum wage could help eliminate the dole--The Spokesman Review, 1995-7-9(Spokane, WA); Jones, Sherry--Council president proposes 'living wage'--Missoulian, 1996-6-7(Missoula, MT)
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Spokane, WA
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