Transitions, vol. 6, no. 11/12, November/December 1994; The Past and Future of the Columbia Watershed Part 8: Poisoning Children, Corporate Profits - Public Health Item Info

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Transitions, vol. 6, no. 11/12, November/December 1994; The Past and Future of the Columbia Watershed Part 8: Poisoning Children, Corporate Profits - Public Health
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Osborn, John--Poisoning Children; Rosenberg, Barry--Forest Watch, And The Scam Plays On; Crandall, Dave--North Idaho Media Blitz; Pryne, Eric--The checkerboard legacy--The Seattle Times, 1994-11-13(Seattle, WA); Pryne, Eric--Could the federal government take back 1864 land grant?--The Seattle Times, 1994-11-13(Seattle, WA); Sonner, Scott--Logging subsidies put Forest Service in the red--The Spokesman Review, 1994-10-13(Spokane, WA); Draft plan targets roadless areas--The Spokesman Review, 1994-12-6(Spokane, WA); Sonner, Scott--Phantom forests--Lewiston Tribune, 1994-11-26(Lewiston, ID); Sonner, Scott--Environmentalists say new policy blocks logging appeals--Post Register, 1994-10-24(Idaho Falls, ID); Area sawmills have plentiful supply of logs--The Spokesman Review, 1994-10-12(Spokane, WA); Rogers Sr., Tom--Forest industry ads just propaganda--The Spokesman Review, 1994-12-14(Spokane, WA); Foster, J. Todd--Environmentalist rebuts attack by GOP leader--The Spokesman Review, 1994-11-15(Spokane, WA); Coleman, Tim--Bad policies produced layoffs--The Spokesman Review, 1994-10-19(Spokane, WA); Titone, Julie--Pollutants in Lake Roosevelt still too high--The Spokesman Review, 1994-11-15(Spokane, WA); Titone, Julie--Lake Coeur d'Alene safe on the surface--The Spokesman Review, 1994-10-13(Spokane, WA); F., J.--Did Bunker Hill poison kids for greater profit?--Lewiston Morning Tribune, 1988-10-18(Lewiston, ID); Judge moves in slow motion on opening lead poison files--The Spokesman Review, 1990-7-10(Spokane, WA); Bond, David--U.S. judge orders evidence unsealed in Bunker Hill suit--The Spokesman Review, 1990-7-10(Spokane, WA); F., J.--At last, Bunker Hill lead case no longer secret--Lewiston Morning Tribune, 1990-7-11(Lewiston, ID); Bond, David--Smelter firm put price tag on lead risk--The Spokesman Review, 1990-7-21(Spokane, WA); Druker, Phil--In Our Own Backyard--Northwest Journal, 1990-winter; Durbin, Kathie--Profits come before people as a smelter's lead emissions damage the health of children and require a costly cleanup--Northwest Journal, 1992-4-5(Portland, OR); Durbin, Kathie--Closed smelter complex poses cleanup challenge; Durbin, Kathie--Tribe sues mining companies, Idaho over cleanup of river, lake--The Oregonian, 1992-4-7(Portland, OR); Cleaning up or clearing out?--The Spokesman Review, 1990-8-19(Spokane, WA); Massey, Steve--Andrus fears company will dodge cleanup bill--The Spokesman Review, 1991-12-27(Spokane, WA); F., J.--Bunker Hill's fleecing of Idaho isn't over yet--Lewiston Morning Tribune, 1994-10-25(Lewiston, ID); Massey, Steve--Gulf USA traces funds to Swiss bank--The Spokesman Review, 1994-1-1(Spokane, WA); Massey, Steve--Bunker files for bankruptcy, lays off 60--The Spokesman Review, 1991-1-19(Spokane, WA); Massey, Steve--Ex-Gulf executives accused of looting--The Spokesman Review, 1994-1-29(Spokane, WA); Massey, Steve--CEO says Gulf officials plotting rip-off--The Spokesman Review, 1994-11-11(Spokane, WA); Massey, Steve--Gulf, Hagadone settle legal dispute--The Spokesman Review, 1992-4-24(Spokane, WA); Massey, Steve--Gulf USA pensioners to lose some benefits--The Spokesman Review, 1994-8-12(Spokane, WA); Massey, Steve--Firm's troubles cast doubt on Bunker cleanup--The Spokesman Review, 1993-7-23(Spokane, WA); Massey, Steve--Gulf deal leaves little for Bunker Hill waste cleanup--The Spokesman Review, 1994-8-13(Spokane, WA); Massey, Steve--Gulf insurers balk at paying claims--The Spokesman Review, 1994-4-19(Spokane, WA); Massey, Steve--Gulf settlement proposal may not help basin--The Spokesman Review, 1994-11-4(Spokane, WA); F., J.--The miners pay while smelter owners skate--Lewiston Morning Tribune, 1994-1-9(Lewiston, ID); Gulf USA investigation justified, long overdue--The Spokesman Review, 1994-2-2(Spokane, WA); F., J.--Wallets out, suckers: Bunker Hill bill is due--Lewiston Tribune, 1994-8-2(Lewiston, ID); Massey, Steve--Andrus blames U.S. for letting Gulf shift assets--The Spokesman Review, 1993-10-21(Spokane, WA); F., J.--What else lies buried in Bunker Hill's mess?--Lewiston Morning Tribune, 1990-2-28(Lewiston, ID); Hughes, Ed--Damaging Influences--Northwest Journal, 1990-spring; Bond, David--Andrus takes Gulf swing at Craig--Coeur d'Alene Press, 1994-1-15(Coeur d'Alene, ID); Beamish, Rita--EPA fails to collect Superfund costs--The Spokesman Review, 1993-6-21(Spokane, WA); Bond, David--EPA's Clarke gets first look at Bunker site--Coeur d'Alene Press, 1994-4-1(Coeur d'Alene, ID); Taggart, Cynthia--EPA official hears concerns of Silver Valley--The Spokesman Review, 1994-5-17(Spokane, WA); Taggart, Cynthia--Shoshone County has top death rate in Idaho--The Spokesman Review, 1994-2-21(Spokane, WA); Study: Lead hurts children's IQ marks--Coeur d'Alene Press, 1992-10-29(Coeur d'Alene, ID); Ancient pollution still a threat--Lewiston Morning Tribune, 1994-3-24(Lewiston, ID); Taggart, Cynthia--Bunker Hill workers suffering aftereffects--The Spokesman Review, 1994-5-21(Spokane, WA); Less lead helps kids' test scores--The Spokesman Review, 1993-4-7(Spokane, WA); Study: Low levels of lead cause serious impairment--The Spokesman Review, 1990-1-11(Spokane, WA); Spears, Gregory--U.S. favors lower child lead limit--The Spokesman Review, 1991-10-2(Spokane, WA); Spears, Gregory--Administration told to get the lead out--The Spokesman Review, 1991-11-5(Spokane, WA); Foster, J. Todd--Industry misused lead-risk study, scientists claim--The Spokesman Review, 1992-6-7(Spokane, WA); F., J.--Drink the water, eat the fish, care for a smoke?--Lewiston Morning Tribune, 1991-12-29(Lewiston, ID); White, Jeanette--Scientists conduct major lead study in Silver Valley--The Spokesman Review, 1994-10-28(Spokane, WA); Foster, J. Todd--Residents demand action now on Bunker Hill toxic cleanup--The Spokesman Review, 1993-12-14(Spokane, WA); Goffredo, Theresa--Kellogg finally getting the lead out--The Spokesman Review, 1989-6-12(Spokane, WA); McBride, Kelly--EPA tries to find rails, ties tainted--The Spokesman Review, 1990-3-9(Spokane, WA); Roesler, Rich--Cleanup process begins at Bunker Hill Mine--The Spokesman Review, 1994-10-19(Spokane, WA); Foster, J. Todd--Cleanup revitalizes Bunker Hill--The Spokesman Review, 1993-4-6(Spokane, WA); Rauve, Bekka--Lead levels down in Smelterville--Spokesman Review, 1994-10-14(Spokane, WA); Lead levels in blood plummet--The Spokesman Review, 1994-7-27(Spokane, WA); Massey, Steve--Plan seeks to revive economy--The Spokesman Review, 1993-2-18(Spokane, WA); Oliveria, D. F.--Valley looks past silver lining--The Spokesman Review, 1994-12-12(Spokane, WA); Taggart, Cynthia--Silver Valley to mine area's lore--The Spokesman Review, 1993-10-17(Spokane, WA); UI researchers propose Bunker Hill National Park--Lewiston Morning Tribune, 1989-10-13(Lewiston, ID); Stensgar, Ernie--Nature alone can't heal our sullied land and water-- The Spokesman Review, 1994-8-27(Spokane, WA)
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