About the Vandal Video Collection

The Collection on Vandal Training and Scouting Films spans the years 1925 to 1997, covering both football and basketball games, with the bulk of these having been recorded in the 1970s. The training and scouting films and tapes were transferred to the University of Idaho Library by the Athletic Department and Vandal Boosters between 1984 and 2000.

Professional cinematographers shot the footage for the purposes of instruction and scouting. None of the original footage includes audio because audio was unnecessary for their purposes. Each video is identified by game date because the original footage identified them as such. However, in some instances, only portions of a game, such as special teams plays, were recorded.

The cinematographers often recorded and developed the films themselves, using the local labs at away games. They then broke these films into offensive and defensive reels for the coaches to use, and the original film went with the head coach for the subsequent Vandal Boosters meeting. This footage was also used to show both the football and basketball games highlights on Idaho and Washington Television stations. About the Digital Collection

The films and tapes of the Vandal Training and Scouting Films Collection were transferred to digital format and saved on DVDs by volunteer Graham Warger in 2010 and 2011. The digital videos seen here were ripped from Warger’s DVD digitizations of the original 16mm film, assigned metadata according to location, outcome, date and other information pertinent to each contest. These digital videos were then uploaded to YouTube for web viewing.

Historical Note

Intercollegiate athletics at the University of Idaho began less than one year after the University opened its doors in 1892. On June 6, 1893, Idaho students competed against those from nearby Washington Agricultural College in various track and field events. A year later, Idaho and the same opponent met on the gridiron where Idaho won with a score of 10-0. Idaho’s first basketball game was played in 1906; as with football, the opposing team was from Washington’s land-grant university in Pullman, Washington State College. By 1921, the nickname “Vandals,” which originally had been applied to the basketball team only, was used to describe all of Idaho’s sports teams.


Digitization: Graham Warger

Metadata and Digital Video Work: Andrew Rowe, Susanna Daniels, and Kevin Dobbins.


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