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Images used in the making of the book White Pine - King of Many Waters

About the White Pine - King of Many Waters Collection

Clarence Charles Strong
Clarence Charles Strong

The Photographs

The White Pine – King of Many Waters Collection contains 134 historic photographs of logging methods, sawmills and shingle mills, and lumbermen compiled by Clarence Strong and Clyde Webb in the 1960s while conducting research on early lumber practices in Northern Idaho. 67 of these photos appear in their subsequent book, White Pine: King of Many Waters.

The Book

White Pine: King of Many Waters, published in Missoula, Montana by Mountain Press in 1970 details the rich history of logging, sawmilling, and shingle manufacturing in Kootenai, Benewah, and Shoshone counties in Idaho.

Clyde Stephen Webb
Clyde Stephen Webb

The book is a culmination of a six year research project by two retired foresters, Clarence Strong and Clyde Webb. Some of their research was conducted at the University of Idaho Library, and the Library later became the recipient of their materials, including newspaper clippings, correspondence, and manuscripts, in addition to the photographs.

In compiling the date for White Pine, Strong and Webb spent many tedious hours copying information on sawmill locations and output, mill and lumberyard fires, and other historical material from old newspapers and lumber trade journals. They also spent many interesting hours interviewing old-timers–former lumbermen–who were active in Northern Idaho in the early days of lumbering.

Copies of White Pine: King of Many Waters may be found at the University of Idaho Library.

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