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First Monday - November 3, 2003

In this issue:

Applications for Admission Climb Sharply

As the College of Law prepares for the 2003-04 student admissions cycle, the Admissions Office has noted that applications to the College in the latest completed cycle grew at a rate exceeding national and regional averages. Applications to the College grew from 601 in the 2001-02 admissions cycle to 831 in the recently completed 2002-03 cycle - an increase of 38%. The Law School Admissions Council reported that during the same period applications to all law schools in the United States grew at a rate of 18%. In regions defined by the LSAC, applications grew by 14% in the Northwest, by 18% in the Mountain West, and by 25% in the Far West. Although the growth in applications to UI was spurred significantly by rising out-of-state interest, the quality of Idaho applicants enabled the College to enroll a 2003 entering class in which 64 of the 100 students were Idaho residents. Further information about application and enrollment trends can be obtained from Director of Admissions.

College of Law Opens a "Window on the World"

Recognizing that lawyers and their clients increasingly encounter issues with international or comparative law dimensions, the College is offering this semester a course that brings foreign legal scholars to Idaho classrooms. Known as the "Window on the World," the course has featured an expert in constitutional, administrative and employment law, from Staffordshire University in Great Britain; a expert in media law, multicultural issues, and religious freedom, from the University of Western Australia; and an expert on corporate governance issues and the European Union legal system, from the Institute of Commercial Law at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Germany. Further information about the course and the international visitors may be obtained from Dean Burnett:

Law Graduate Brings Full-Time Focus to Career Services Office

Anne-Marie Fulfer, a member of the College of Law class of 1999, has been named the new Director of Career Services at the College of Law. Although the Director's job previously included alumni relations and coordination of Bellwood Lecture activities, Ms. Fulfer will devote her time fully to assisting students with their career development. Ms. Fulfer brings a business management background, as well as a law degree, to the Career Services position. After receiving her baccalaureate degree from the University of California at Davis, she worked as an import manager and as an international freight forwarder for two California enterprises. She came to Idaho for her legal education and later became a budget, purchasing and information specialist in the College of Law Library. Combining her J.D. degree and business experience with a full-time focus on career services, Ms. Fulfer expects to increase the counseling resources available to students and to expand the College's interactions with the bench and bar. She can be contacted at