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First Monday - January 3, 2005

In this issue:

Commissioners Submit Findings of 2004 Visit

The Board of Commissioners of the Idaho State Bar has submitted a report of its visit to the College of Law in the fall of 2004.  The report, signed by ISB President Russell Kvanvig, finds that the faculty “continues to distinguish itself in many ways, through its assistance to students, scholarly pursuits, managing clinical programs, and teaching.”  The Commissioners commend the College on its “visible and steady” improvement in diversity; its improvement of career services for students; its plans to upgrade the courtroom and other physical space in the Menard Law Building; and its success in generating private donations.  The Commissioners also note, however, that reductions in public funding have forced the College to draw upon private contributions to maintain the status quo; consequently, “realizing the vision developed by the faculty and administration for the law school is a struggle.”  The Commissioners conclude that the “relationship between the law school and the organized bar continues to be strong,” and that the bar “will continue to support the law school’s efforts to achieve [its] strategic direction ….”  Further information about the Commissioners’ 2004 report is available from the Idaho State Bar or from Dean Burnett (

Annual Fund Shows Strength

Figures available at the end of November indicate that the College of Law Annual Fund is receiving strong support from alumni and friends.  The Annual Fund provides unrestricted support that is used for student financial aid, faculty research stipends, faculty and staff professional development, guest lecturers, moot courts, and other enhancements of the College’s educational program.  During the last full fiscal year (2003-04), the Annual Fund raised $234,222, of which $55,705 had been realized by the end of November, 2003.  During the current fiscal year (2004-05), the Annual Fund level reached $80,748 by the end of November, 2004.  The College is grateful for this timely and essential private support.  Further information about the Annual Fund, as well as endowments and major gifts for dedicated purposes, can be obtained from Director of Development.

Law School Applications Continue at High Level

Early in the admissions cycle for the 2005 entering class, applications to the College of Law appear to be sustaining the high volume experienced in 2004, when 948 total applications were received.  As of today (January 3, 2005), the College has received 315 applications, compared to 306 at the same time in 2004.  The applicants include 90 Idaho residents, compared to 71 at this time last year. (In recent years, Idaho residents have constituted less than half of the applicant pool, but they have comprised approximately 60% of students admitted and enrolled.)  A typical incoming class consists of about 100-110 students.  Further information about the admissions process can be obtained from the Director of Admissions and Student Services.