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First Monday - February 7, 2005

In this issue:

Faculty Scholarship Helps Shape the Law

Members of an engaged law faculty undertake not only to teach law but also to improve and develop the law. The College of Law 2004 Annual Report: Evidencing Excellence documents the recent scholarly productivity of individual faculty members. Equally of interest is the topical range of faculty scholarship. Here is a subject area list of law review articles, book chapters, and bar journal articles identified in the Annual Report or published since the report was compiled. Further information about specific authors is available from Dean Burnett ( Faculty profiles and an electronic copy of the Annual Report are available on the College of Law website.

  • Natural Resources and Environmental Law
    Endangered Species: Rise of the Anti-Environmental Movement in the U.S.
    Ecosystem Management and Antitrust Laws
    Water Reallocation in the Truckee River Basin
    Biodiversity and the “Property Clause” of the Constitution
  • Advocacy and Dispute Resolution
    Case-Management Criminal Mediation
    Idaho Trial Handbook (update)
  • International, Immigration, and Comparative Law
    "Judicialization” of Politics in the U.S. and Germany
    Annual of German and European Law
    Labor Side Agreement under NAFTA
    Military Investigations and Evidence at the Iraqi Special Tribunal
    The Meaning of Comparative Law
  • Law and Technology
    First Amendment and “Progress” (Copyright/Patent) Clause of the Constitution
  • Ethics, Professional Responsibility, and Civic Leadership
    Professionalism and Issues Arising within Law Schools
    Ethics of Dealing with Bad Clients
  • Constitutional and Criminal Law
    Civil Liberties and the USA Patriot Act
    Technology-Neutral Approaches to Wiretapping and Interception of E-Mail
    Academic Freedom
    First Amendment Symposium (Introduction)
    Intellectual Freedom Handbook
  • Legal History
    Early Idaho Practice
  • Works Recently Accepted for Publication
    Book: Transboundary Environmental Harms (Cambridge University)
    Articles: Foreign Intelligence and Criminal Law Enforcement
    De Facto Custodians in Family Law
    Narrowing National Power: The Supreme Court and the States
    Post-Conflict Justice (Symposium)
    Intellectual Property and the Global Food Supply

Law Faculty and Students Offer Symposia on Indian Law, International Law, and Education Law

The College is sponsoring three upcoming symposia at three separate locations.

  • Indian Law Symposium, Moscow, February 16-17, 2005. The second annual Indian law symposium is co-hosted by the College of Law and the Indian Law Section of the Idaho State Bar. Topics to be addressed include coverage of federal Indian law on state bar examinations, recent developments in the law governing Indian Country, the fuel tax litigation, changes in the law governing Indian probate (including the Indian Probate Reform Act), the University of Idaho Indian estate planning project, tribal probate codes, and land consolidation under the Probate Reform Act.
  • International Law Symposium, Coeur d’Alene, March 3-5, 2005. The third annual international law symposium, entitled “Progress in International Organization,” will take its inspiration from a famous series of lectures delivered at the University of Idaho in 1931 by Harvard professor Manley O. Hudson. Opposing Professor Hudson’s view of world cooperation was Idaho Senator William E. Borah, who advocated greater insularity of the United States from foreign engagements. This clash of views, with direct relevance to issues of today, will be examined by an international array of distinguished scholars. Idaho law students will also make presentations.
  • Education Law Symposium, Boise, April 1, 2005. This year’s Idaho Law Review Symposium, organized by the law review students, is entitled “Education and the Law: No Attorney Left Behind.” The symposium feature presentations by state and national education law experts on topics including the “No Child Left Behind Act,” public school funding litigation, and constitutional issues in a post-Columbine era. Further information about the symposium is available from the Idaho Law Review.