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First Monday - August 1, 2005

In this issue:

Shepard Professorship Awarded for 2005-06

The College of Law is pleased to announce that the Allan G. Shepard Professorship for academic year 2005-06 will be awarded to Associate Professor Russell A. Miller. This endowed professorship, traditionally awarded to a member of the faculty on a yearly basis, is named for the late Chief Justice of Idaho. It is funded in part by the estate of Muriel Kirk, and was established by Donna Shepard to recognize a professor who enhances the mission and the reputation of the College through “distinguished service to legal education, or to his or her area of expertise.”

Professor Miller is an Idaho native who received his baccalaureate degree with honors (Phi Beta Kappa) from Washington State University; a Masters degree in English literature and his J.D. degree, both at Duke University; and an LL.M. degree with highest honors from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University at Frankfurt, Germany. Professor Miller, who joined the faculty in 2002, teaches international law, constitutional law, criminal procedure, and conflicts of law. He created, and has been the primary force sustaining, the annual University of Idaho International Law Symposium, which has attracted a global array of scholars and policy-makers. In the last three years, the symposium has addressed transnational environmental harms, post-conflict justice, and issues in international organization. Papers (including one by Professor Miller) presented at the transnational environmental symposium have been accepted for publication by the Cambridge University Press. Next year’s symposium will deal with international human rights, focusing on questions relating to indigenous peoples. Professor Miller also is a co-creator and co-editor of the “German Law Journal: A Review of Developments in German, European, and International Jurisprudence.” Other publications by Professor Miller have appeared recently in the Washington & Lee Law Review and the Columbia Journal of Transnational Law.

Alumni and Friends Underwrite New Law Student Scholarships

Responding to a challenge by UI College of Law friend and benefactor, James E. Rogers, eight donors (or donor groups) have stepped forward during the past year to establish a set of three-year recruiting scholarships in amounts closely approximating fees paid by Idaho resident law students. Jim Rogers announced this challenge when he created a set of eight scholarships beginning in 2004-05, and said he would create another set in 2005-06 if additional donors would match his contribution. The object of the Rogers scholarships and the matched scholarships from other donors is to enhance the ability of the College of Law to attract highly competitive applicants, especially those who are Idaho residents or have Idaho connections.

Donors who enabled the College of Law to meet the scholarship challenge are listed below (in no particular order):

  • Dennis and Jackie Wheeler (Coeur d’Alene), individually
  • Holland & Hart (Boise). Point of contact: Fred Mack
  • Stoel Rives (Boise). Points of contact: Mary Hobson & Walt Sinclair
  • Holden Kidwell (Idaho Falls). Point of contact: Rob Farnam
  • Northwest Nazarene Graduates (Boise area)*. Point of contact: Dennis Johnson
  • Hall Farley (Boise). Points of contact: Rich Hall & Candy Dale
  • Racine Olson (Pocatello). Point of contact: Mark Nye
  • Class of 1971 (multiple locations)**. Point of contact: Howard Foley of Meridian, Idaho

*The NNU graduates participating in that scholarship are Dennis Johnson (and the United Heritage Foundation), Randal Peterman, Bill Russell, and Randall Barton.
**The Class of ’71 participants include; Howard R. Foley, Dwight E. Baker, D. Blair Clark, David Leroy, James G. Reid, Robert L. Zegelow, Vernon K. Smith, John F. Croner, Ronald D. Schilling, John F. Varin and Simon S. Martin.

Other significant multi-year scholarships have been created recently, but prior to the Rogers challenge, by the Boise firm of Eberle Berlin Kading Turnbow & McKlveen, and by the family of the late Willis E. Sullivan, Sr.