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First Monday - January 3, 2011

In this issue:

Value Added: New Faculty Appointment Will Enhance Economic Development in Idaho

Although seldom noted in popular culture, one of the most important roles of the American lawyer is that of the enabler – the professional who promotes sustainable economic development by shaping transactions that create jobs and strengthen communities.  The College of Law educates such enablers through its business law curriculum in Moscow and Boise, and through its Small Business Legal Clinic, founded by Lee Dillion, Associate Dean for Boise Programs.  The College now is taking a further step by establishing in Boise a faculty position that will support an innovative new clinical program in which upper-division law students provide supervised assistance to Idaho cities, counties, and other public or nonprofit entities as they work with entrepreneurs, investors, and state or federal regulators on economic development initiatives throughout Idaho.  The position also will be a source of expert research and of teaching accessible by students in Moscow as well as Boise.

The College is pleased to announce that Stephen R. Miller has accepted the offer of a tenure-track faculty appointment to fill this position, subject to formal approval by the University of Idaho Board Of Regents.  A practicing attorney, Miller received his baccalaureate degree magna cum laude from Brown University (Phi Beta Kappa), followed by both a J.D. degree and a Masters degree in city and regional planning from the University of California/Hastings, where he was the senior articles editor of the Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly and a recipient of the Thomas Church Prize in the City and Regional Planning Program.  He has engaged in private law practice in San Francisco, representing economic development and environmental compliance clients, and he has served as a guest lecturer in law and land use planning at the University of California/Berkeley. He recently organized a symposium on strategies for sustainability and "green" building practices.  He is expected to begin work in Idaho this summer.

Further information about the community economic development faculty position may be obtained from Dean Don Burnett ( or from Dean Dillion (

Service as a Calling: Law Faculty and Staff Serve the University, the State, and the Nation

As a public law school and as an integral part of a land-grant university, the College of Law has a distinctive mission in service and outreach.  The faculty and staff of the College render service to constituencies throughout the University, and they engage in outreach to Idaho communities, to the State of Idaho, and to a host of national organizations in legal education as well as the administration of justice.  Although such service is not as visible as teaching and research, and therefore is under-recognized, it is vitally important to the legal profession and the public.

Here is a partial compendium of service and outreach activities, over and above the rigorous teaching loads and scholarship expectations found at the University of Idaho.  This list, compiled during the fall of 2010, is illustrative because it is constantly being updated.  Further information about service and outreach may be obtained from Elizabeth Brandt (, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs.

Service to Legal Education, the Legal Profession, and the Public

  • American Bar Association (ABA)
  • Advisory Panel, Dispute Resolution – Maureen Laflin
  • Book Development and Publishing, Wendy Couture (Co-Editor, Engaging the Expert Witness)
  • Family Law Quarterly (editorial board) – Liz Brandt
  • Section on Administrative and Regulatory Practice, Newsletter – Dale Goble (state reporter)
  • Section of Business Law
    • UCC Committee – Ben Beard
    • Cyberspace Committee – Ben Beard
    • Electronic Commerce Subcommittee – Ben Beard
    • Task Force on Radio Frequency Identification – Ben Beard (co-chair)
  • Section on Dispute Resolution Mediator’s Ethical Guidance Committee – Maureen Laflin
  • Section on Environment, Energy and Resources (SEER),
    • Water Committee – Barbara Cosens
    • Annual Water Conference Planning Committee – Barbara Cosens
  • Section of Litigation
    • Expert Witnesses Annual Review, Wendy Couture, Co-Editor
    • “Ethics Tools” Program at Section Annual Conference, Wendy Couture, Co-Chair
  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • National Board of Directors – Carole Wells
  • Idaho Chapter Legal Committee – Pat Costello, Monica Schurtman
  • Board Development Committee – Pat Costello (Chair), Carole Wells
  • American Immigration Lawyers Association – Monica Schurtman
  • American Judicature Society (AJS)
  • National Advisory Board Steering Committee – Don Burnett
  • American Law Institute – Don Burnett (ex officio), Richard Seamon (elected)
  • American Society for Environmental History (ASEH), Outreach Committee – Dale Goble
  • Association of American Law Libraries
  • Cataloging & Classification Committee – Ruth Funabiki
  • TS/OBSIS Joint Research Grant Committee – Ruth Funabiki
  • Price Index for Legal Publications Committee – Jean Mattimoe
  • Association of American Law Schools (AALS)
  • Internet & Computer Law Section Executive Committee – Annemarie Bridy
  • Juvenile and Family Law Section Executive Committee and Listserv Manager – Liz Brandt
  • Indian Nations and Indigenous Peoples Section, Chair – Angelique EagleWoman
  • Catholic Charities of Idaho, Secretary of the Board of Directors – Monique Lillard
  • Ex Libris Users of North America, Voyager Law Special Interest Group – Ruth Funabiki (co-chair)
  • Federal Bar Association – Katie Ball, Don Burnett
  • Federal Defenders Services of Idaho, Inc., Board of Directors – Maureen Laflin
  • Friends of Idaho Public Television, Board of Directors – Pat Costello
  • Idaho Commission for Libraries, Special Projects Librarians Action Team – Ruth Funabiki
  • Idaho Coordinated Response to Domestic/Sexual Violence Board of Directors – Pat Costello
  • Idaho Council to End Domestic Violence/Trafficking Against Immigrants – Monica Schurtman
  • Idaho Lawyer  Immigration Pro Bono Network – Monica Schurtman
  • Idaho Law Foundation
  • Board of Directors – Don Burnett
  • CLE Committee – Lee Dillion, Katie Ball
  • IOLTA Comparable Rates Task Force – Don Burnett
  • IOLTA Fund Committee – Nancy Luebbert
  • Law-Related Education Committee – Lee Dillion
  • Idaho Library Association
  • Idaho Book Award Committee – Ruth Funabiki (chair)
  • Intellectual Freedom Committee – Michael Greenlee
  • Idaho State Bar
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Section Governing  Council – Maureen Laflin
  • Delivery of Legal Services Advisory Committee – Pat Costello
  • Family Law Council of the Family Law Section – Liz Brandt
  • Indian Law Section
    • Governing Council – Don Burnett
    • Advisory Member – Angelique EagleWoman
  • Mediator Privilege Subcommittee, Evidence Advisory Committee – Maureen Laflin
  • Professionalism and Ethics Section Governing Council – Lee Dillion
  • Second Judicial District, Family Court Services Advisory Committee – Liz Brandt
  • Volunteer Lawyers Program
    • Policy Council – Maureen Laflin, Carole Wells
    • Institutional Representative – Pat Costello
  • Idaho Supreme Court
  • Child Protection Committee – Liz Brandt
  • Civil Jury Instructions Committee – Alan Williams
  • Criminal Mediation Committee – Maureen Laflin
  • Evidence  Rules Advisory Committee  – Alan Williams
  • Judicial Education Committee – Lee Dillion
  • State Library Facilities Planning Group – John Hasko, Don Burnett
  • Idaho Volunteers Lawyers Program Policy Council – Carole Wells, Maureen Laflin
  • Idahoans for Openness in Government, Board of Directors – Liz Brandt
  • Law School Admissions Council (LSAC)
  • Board of Trustees, ex-officio – Jack Miller
  • Audit Committee, Chair – Jack Miller
  • Finance and Legal Affairs Committee – Jack Miller
  • Legal Writing Institute (National Organization)
  • Upper Division Writing Committee – Laurie O’Neal
  • McNichols Inn of Court – Don Burnett, Liz Brandt, Pat Costello, President, Maureen Laflin, Richard Seamon, Alan Williams, Nancy Luebbert, Anne-Marie Fulfer
  • Moscow (City)
  • Comprehensive Plan Re-Writing Steering Committee – Karri Fedale
  • Fair and Affordable Housing Commission – Karri Fedale
  • Moscow Civic Association Board of Directors – Karri Fedale
  • National Association for Law Placement
  • Solo & Small Career Services Offices Section, Federal Recruitment Project Shared Resource Pool – Anne-Marie Fulfer, Vice-Chair
  • National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, Committee on Implementation of the UN E-Commerce Convention, Reporter to Committee – Ben Beard
  • Northwest Indian Bar Association Governing Board – Angelique EagleWoman
  • National Lawyers’ Guild Immigration Project – Monica Schurtman
  • Palouse Basin Annual Water Summit Planning Committee – Barbara Cosens
  • Palouse Basin Faculty/Student Research Team – Barbara Cosens
  • Research Consortium on Columbia River Governance, UI Representative  – Barbara Cosens
  • Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation – Dale Goble (trustee)
  • TIAA-CREF Idaho Mutual Fund Program Board of Trustees – Jack Miller
  • Welcoming Idaho Initiative – Monica Schurtman
  • Western Legal History (Ninth Circuit Historical Society publication), Editorial Board – Dale Goble
  • Western Pacific Association of Law Libraries, Bylaws & Constitution Committee – Mike Greenlee (chair)
  • Western Tri-State Consortium Innovation Working Group on Coupling the Effects of Climate Change on Ecosystems and Societies: Potential Impacts on Native American and Hispanic Communities, Co-UI Representative  – Barbara Cosens

Service to the University (Boards and Committees)

  • Academic Hearing Board – Pat Costello
  • Academic Council (UI Boise), Co-Chair – Lee Dillion
  • Ad Hoc Intellectual Property Dispute Committee – Ben Beard
    • Administrative Hearing Board – Richard Seamon (Chair), Maureen Laflin
    • Associate Deans’ Group – Helen Albertson-Ploucha
    • American Indian Studies Program, Faculty – Angelique EagleWoman
    • Borah Foundation Committee – Mike Greenlee
    • Classified Position Appeal Board – Pat Costello
    • Commencement (University) Administrative Committee – Anne-Marie Fulfer
    • Development Council – Don Burnett
    • Enrollment Management Review & Advisory Board – Helen Albertson-Ploucha
    • Environmental Science Program, Faculty – Barb Cosens, Dale Goble, Jerry Long
    • Excellence in Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Efforts Award Committee – Dale Goble
    • Faculty Senate – Maureen Laflin
    • Faculty Affairs Committee – Ruth Funabiki
    • Faculty Appeals Hearing Board – Rich Seamon, Maureen Laflin (alternate)
    • Graduate Program Candidate Committees/Major Advisors – Barb Cosens, Dale Goble, Jerry Long,
    • Integrated Leadership Council – Lee Dillion
    • Native American Graduate Student Association – Monique Lillard (faculty advisor)
    • Native STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Education) Planning Board – Angelique EagleWoman
    • Outreach & Engagement Council – Lee Dillion
    • Provost’s Council (Academic Deans)  -- Don Burnett
    • President’s Diversity Council – Michael Satz
    • Research Council – Barbara Cosens
    • Sabbatical Leave Evaluation Committee – Jack Miller
    • Safety and Loss-Control Committee – Jean Mattimoe
    • Scholarship Review Task Force – Helen Albertson-Ploucha
    • Scientific Misconduct Committee – Dale Goble (Chair)
    • Strategic Planning Committee – Barb Cosens
    • Vandal Innovation and Enterprise Works (VIEW) – Lee Dillion
    • “Water of the West” Program Steering Committee – Barb Cosens
    • Water of the West Program, Faculty – Barb Cosens, Angelique EagleWoman, Jerry Long, Dale Goble, Anastasia Telesetsky
    • Women in Higher Education Roundtable (WHER) – Maureen Laflin

Service in the College of Law

  • AAJ (American Associate for Justice) Mock Trial Competition – Clark & Feeney Team Advisor – Sonyalee Nuntsch (adjunct instructor)
  • ABA Mediation Advocacy Competition – W. Anthony Park Team Advisor – Pat Costello
  • ABA Negotiation Competition – Witherspoon Kelley Team Advisor – Maureen Laflin
  • ABA Negotiation Competition Regional Competition Host Coordinators – Katie Ball, Lee Dillion, Maureen Laflin
  • ACLU of Idaho Student Chapter Advisors– Liz Brandt, Carole Wells, Pat Costello
  • American Constitution Society Faculty Advisor – Monique Lillard, Annemarie Bridy
  • Annual Native American Law Conference, Coordinator – Angelique EagleWoman
  • Bankruptcy Moot Court Competition – Ford Elsaesser/Hon. Alfred Hagan Memorial Team Advisor – Ford Elsaesser (adjunct instructor)
  • Black Law Students Association Faculty Advisor – Michael Satz
  • Board of Student Advocates Faculty Advisors – Ben Beard, Rich Seamon
  • Business Law Association Faculty Advisor – Lee Dillion, Rich Seamon
  • Critical Legal Studies Journal Club – Michael Satz
  • “the crit” Faculty Advisor – Michael Satz
  • Environmental Law Society Faculty Advisor – Anastasia Telesetsky
  • Environmental Law Moot Court Competition – Creason, Moore & Dokken Team Advisor – Jerry Long
  • Environmental and Natural Resources Journal Club Faculty Advisors – Barbara Cosens, Dale Goble
  • Environmental Science Concurrent Degree Admissions/Coordination – Barbara Cosens
  • Evidence Moot Court Competition – Beard St. Clair/Comstock Bush/Hepworth Janis Team Advisor – Alan Williams
  • Federalist Society Faculty Advisor – Alan Williams
  • Golf Club Faculty Advisor – Annemarie Bridy
  • Innocence Project Liaison – Alan Williams
  • Institutional Advancement Faculty Liaison – Jack Miller
  • Intellectual Property Law Club Faculty Advisor – Annemarie Bridy
  • Inter-American Human Rights Moot Court Competition Faculty Advisors – Michael Greenlee, Monica Schurtman
  • International Law Students Association Faculty Advisor – Monica Schurtman, Anastasia Telesetsky
  • Idaho Law Review Faculty Advisors – Richard Seamon, Ben Beard
  • Law Students for Appropriate Dispute Resolution Faculty Advisor – Pat Costello
  • Litigation & Appropriate Dispute Resolution Emphasis Faculty Advisors – Maureen Laflin, Alan Williams
  • McNichols Intra-College Moot Court Competition Advisor – Laurie O’Neal
  • National Moot Court Competition – Cooper & Larsen Team Advisor – Laurie O’Neal
  • Native American Law Conference Coordinator – Angelique EagleWoman
  • Native American Law Emphasis, Faculty Advisor – Angelique EagleWoman
  • Native American Law Student Association, Faculty Advisor – Angelique EagleWoman
  • Native American Moot Court Faculty Advisor – Angelique EagleWoman
  • Natural Resources and Environmental Law Emphasis Faculty Advisors – Barbara Cosens, Dale Goble, Angelique EagleWoman, Jerry Long, Anastasia Telesetsky
  • Natural Resources and Environmental Law Symposium – Barbara Cosens, Dale Goble, Jerry Long, Anastasia Telesetsky
  • Northwest Institute for Dispute Resolution – Maureen Laflin, Founder and Director
  • Multicultural Law Caucus Faculty Advisors – Michael Satz & Angelique EagleWoman
  • Phi Alpha Delta Faculty Advisor – Richard Seamon
  • Spanish-Speaking Law Students Association Faculty Advisor – Monica Schurtman
  • Women’s Law Caucus Faculty Advisors – Monique Lillard, Liz Brandt