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A list of the principal participants in the McBeth story.

Kate and Sue McBeth: Presbyterian missionary teachers

J. C. Lowrie: Secretary, Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions

F. F. Ellinwood: Secretary, Board of Foreign Missions

A. L. Lindsley: Presbyterian Minister, Portland, Oregon - considered by the sisters to be "their" pastor.

George Lennox Deffenbaugh: Nez Percé Mission Director, stationed in Lapwai, Idaho.

William Rankin: Secretary, New York Board of Foreign Missions.

T. M. Boyd: Presbyterian minister, Lewiston, Idaho.

Charlie Monteith: Indian Agent for Nez Percé Reservation, Lapwai, Idaho - held strong objections to both sisters.

Archie Lawyer: former seminary student of Sue McBeth - ordained Presbyterian minister and influential member of the Nez Percé tribe. Sue McBeth believed him to be her intractable opponent.

Robert Williams: Sue McBeth's protégé - Nez Percé minister of the 1st Kamiah Presbyterian Church.

Enoch Pond, Peter Lindsley, Silas Whitman, William Wheeler, James Hines, James Hayes, Moses Monteith, Robert Parsons, Caleb McAtte, Mark Arthur: Nez Percé theological students of the sisters - all became ordained Presbyterian ministers.

E. Jane Gay: photographer, companion to Alice Fletcher.

Alice Fletcher: allotment agent - federally appointed to apportion the Nez Percé reservation.


The following books offer additional insight into the McBeth sisters.

McBeth, Kate C., The Nez Percés since Lewis and Clark, New York, Chicago, F. H. Revell Company, 1908.

Morrill, Allen Conrad, Eleanor Dunlap Morrill, Out of the Blanket: the Story of Sue and Kate McBeth, Missionaries to the Nez Percés, Moscow : University Press of Idaho, c1978.

Morrill, Allen Conrad. Papers, 1962-1982. Material collected by Allen and Eleanor Morrill for their Out Of The Blanket (1978); included are Nez Percé missionary Kate McBeth's diaries and notebooks.

Hayes, James. Called to Evangelize. New York : Board of National Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., 1928?.

Axtell, Juliet L. Gospel hymns in the Nez Percé Language. Lake Forest, Ill., 1897. "This partial collection of the hymns in the native language, which are used in the Nez Percé churches, has been made with the help of Miss Kate C. McBeth and the invaluable aid of Mr. Levi W. Jonas, the native Nez Percé S.S. superintendent of the First Church, Kamiah." Many of the more familiar hymns were translated and the translation adapted to the "Gospel tunes" by the Rev. Robert Williams, the first pastor of the First Church, Kamiah."