Mapping Chinese Funerary Burners

GE view of NW burnersIn addition to the links to the geographic location of some of the Chinese funerary burners on Google Maps, it is now possible to locate these sites on Google Earth. The previously obtained geographic data has been converted into Keyhole Markup Language, an XML file used by Google Earth.

If you wish to try this, open Google Earth; go to File > Open and enter this URL into the filename box:

Not all the known sites have a geographic location, either because the resolution on the satellite map lacks detail or because the latitude and longitude of the site is not known. If you wander out to one with a GPS unit and record the lat/lon, please let me know. GE view of Morris Hill

In many cases, the pushpin points at the cemetery entrance rather than the burner itself. Again, this is because the specific lat/lon information of the burner is not known.

If you are wandering around with a GPS unit AND a digital camera, and the census does not have a photo of the burner, please take a picture and send it in. Thanks.

To download Google Earth, go to

Please note that some of these cemeteries are on private land not generally open to the public. Always ask permission to hunt on private land.

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