Argonaut 1908

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Date Subjects
February 18th, 1908 Class of 1910
February 25th, 1908 Borah Debate; Smith, Andrew W.
March 7th, 1908
March 9th, 1908 Debate - Preparatory School; Track
March 17th, 1908 Basketball; The Idaho Student Farmer; Track
March 24th, 1908 Athletic field; Debate - vs. University of Oregon; Debate; Holman, Guy; Jones, R.O.; Mathews, J.D.; The Idaho Argonaut; University of Idaho - Expansion
March 31st, 1908 Administration building (1907-; Administration building (1892-1906); University buildings
April 14th, 1908 Baseball; School of Law; Track; Watkins Gold Medal for Oratory
April 21st, 1908 Debate; Janes, B.E.
April 28th, 1908 Seal of the University of Idaho
May 5th, 1908 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Edmundson, Clarence (Heck); Jeffries, Linnie; Shinn, W.R.; Simpson, J.M.
May 12th, 1908 ASUI-Officers; Baseball
May 19th, 1908 ASUI-Elections; Debate council - Financial report; Baseball; Student labor day; Baseball
June 2nd, 1908 ASUI-Financial report; Borah Debate; Middleton, John R.; Soulin, Philip; Savidge, Samual Leigh; Summer school; Track; Baseball
September 29th, 1908 Cadets, Battalion of; Cadets, Battalion of; Class of 1912; Debate council - Officers; University of Idaho - Expansion
October 7th, 1908 Class of 1910; Class of 1911; Department of Music; Football
October 14th, 1908 Livestock judging - Butter, Apple; Football
October 21st, 1908 Athletic Board
October 28th, 1908 Football; University of Idaho Board of Regents
November 4th, 1908 Parsons, LaFayette Russell; Football
November 11th, 1908 School of Mines; Football
November 18th, 1908 Grades and Honors; Memorial gymnasium; Football
November 25th, 1908 Convocation
December 2nd, 1908 Football
December 9th, 1908 Debate - vs. WSC; School of Law
December 16th, 1908 Football; Middleton, John R.; Johnson, Chas M.; Pauls, Arthur; Smith, Henry; Thornton, James; Stockesberry, Walter; Small, Rodney; Savidge, Samual Leigh; Sociology club