Argonaut 1915

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Date Subjects
January 8th, 1915 American Institute of Electronic Engineers; American Institute of Electronic Engineers; Federal Aid to the University of Idaho; Brown, Stanley; School of Mines; Sphinx Forensic club
January 15th, 1915 University of Idaho - Spokane chamber committee findings
January 22nd, 1915 Dairy short course; Farmers week; Farmers week; Farmers week; Basketball
January 29th, 1915 Farmers week; Basketball
February 5th, 1915 Report on income, University of Idaho; Rifle match; Basketball; Willis, Mina
February 12th, 1915 Collins, Wilkie Nelson; Department of Music; Enrollment; Omega Pi Alpha; Basketball
February 19th, 1915 Class of 1916; Curriculum; Athletics; Gamma Phi Beta; Gem of the Mountains; Basketball
February 26th, 1915 ASUI-Financial report; University cafeteria; Military Ball
March 5th, 1915 ASUI; Glee Club; Wodsedalek, Jerry Edward
March 12th, 1915 Ayers' Law club; Debate - vs. Gonzaga; Glee Club; Hulme, Edward M; Beckman, Alvin; Boekel, William; Owens, Charles; Dingle, Bertram; Ison, Nelvin; Priest, A.J.
March 19th, 1915 Cadets, Battalion of; Livestock judging - Butter, Apple; Smith, Chester F.; Freshman-Sophomore contest; School of Mines
March 26th, 1915 Debate - vs. Utah Agricultural College; Ison, Nelvin; Beckman, Alvin; Tulle, Alice E.; Cox, Evelyn; David, Donald; University Symphony orchestra
April 2nd, 1915 Center, O.D.; Debate; Glee Club; Peterson, P.P.; Storer, Eugene; Humphries, E.K.; Parmellee, D.D.; Boekel, William; Buffington, C.R.; Gerlough, Jean; Stone, L.F.; Y.M.C.A.
April 9th, 1915 Football rules; Brannon, Dr. Melvin Amos
April 23rd, 1915 ASUI-Financial report; Intramural track; University of Idaho - History
April 30th, 1915 Department of Physics; Intramural track; Pond, J; Baseball; Watkins Gold Medal for Oratory
May 7th, 1915 Campbell, Oliver; Intramural track; Morrison, Sam; Athletic field; Track; University of Idaho - History; University Symphony orchestra
May 14th, 1915 Agriculture Club; Currier, Lois Wade; Fishburn, Harry Proctor; Delta, Gamma; Patterson, Shirley Gale; Sophomore frolic; Soulin, Philip; Track; Van Der Veer C.W.; Baseball; Basketball
May 21st, 1915 Baseball; Track; Baseball
May 28th, 1915 ASUI-Financial report; Class of 1915; Commencement week - schedule; Lubken, Lesetta Mae; Traditions; Song fest; Baseball; Y.W.C.A.
September 28th, 1915 Class of 1919; Debate; Debate council - Officers; Football; Bench and Bar; Rademacher, Charles Martin; Football
October 5th, 1915 Animal Husbandry, Dept. of; Class of 1916; Football
October 12th, 1915 Cadets, Battalion of; Class of 1917; Debate; Freshman-Sophomore contest; Lyman, Chauncey
October 20th, 1915 English club - University of Idaho; Freshman-Sophomore contest; Football
October 25th, 1915 Homecoming - Schedule of events; Football team; Dewald, Henry; Dingle, Bertram; Edmundson, Clarence (Heck); Gerlough, Tillman B. (Turk); Hays, Sam; Phillips, J.L. (Buck); Purdy, Harold S.; Griffith, John George; Brown, Stanley; Rally bonfire; Beghold, Carl Lewis; Rademacher, Charles Martin; Brannon, Dr. Melvin Amos
October 26th, 1915 Borah Debate prize; Cadets, Battalion of; Football team; Rademacher, Charles Martin; Football
November 2nd, 1915 Alumni day; Athletic Ball; Football
November 9th, 1915 School of Law; Football
November 16th, 1915 Coed Prom; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Omega Pi Alpha; Football; Grade point averages
November 22nd, 1915
November 30th, 1915 ASUI-Financial report; Judging of livestock; Debate - Victor price fund; Football; University of Idaho water tank
December 7th, 1915 Chi Delta Phi; Debate - vs. WSC; Basketball
December 14th, 1915 Arboretum; College of Forestry - Arboretum; Extension bulletin; Phi Alpha Beta; School of Forestry; Track