Argonaut 1914

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Date Subjects
January 8th, 1914 Edmundson, Clarence (Heck); Extension courses; French, Burton L.; McCaffery, R.S.; Football
January 15th, 1914 Credit requirements; Extension courses; Hog Serum
January 22nd, 1914 ASUI-Financial report; Department of Sociology; Kinzer, J.C.; McConnel, Thomas Franklin; Basketball
January 29th, 1914 College of Agriculture - Extension work; Brannon, Dr. Melvin Amos; Basketball
February 5th, 1914 Livingston, D.C.; McCaffery, R.S.; Basketball; Vincent, C.C.; Wicks, W.H.
February 12th, 1914 Larsen, Clarence L.; Rifle Club; Basketball
February 19th, 1914 Astronomy (Math. 8); ASUI-Financial report; Dewey Memorial prize - Debate; Intramural track; Law Library; Basketball
February 26th, 1914 Basketball; Military Ball; Basketball
March 5th, 1914 Agriculture Club; Athletic Board; Livestock judging - Butter, Apple; McAdams, Harry
March 12th, 1914 Donk, M.G.; Livestock judging - Butter, Apple; Olin, W.R.; Rifle Club; School of Forestry - Established; Sophomore frolic
March 19th, 1914 Debate - vs. Gonzaga; Freshman-Sophomore contest; Freshman-Sophomore contest; Bowers, Floyd; Ison, Nelvin; Nordby, Julius
March 26th, 1914 Administration building (1907-; Debate - vs. Gonzaga; Law Library; Lyon, Arthur Joseph; McConnel, Thomas Franklin; Olin, W.R.; Warren, George Theron
April 1st, 1914 Athletic field; Home Economic club; Pre Medics club
April 9th, 1914 ASUI-Constitution; David, Donald; Farmers institute; Brannon, Dr. Melvin Amos; Baseball; School of Forestry - Established; School of Forestry
April 23rd, 1914 ASUI-Financial report; Athletic field; Cadets, Battalion of; Football; University of Idaho - History; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Baseball
April 30th, 1914 Brewer, Ruth; Shattuck, Charles Huston; Moore, Henrietta; Isaacson, Mrs. Caroline Christine; Larson, Gus L.; Sweet, Margaret A.; Baseball; Wolff, Ida
May 7th, 1914 Campus Day; Campus Day; Tennis; Tennis; Track; Baseball
May 14th, 1914 Intramural track; University business methods; Track; Y.W.C.A.
May 21st, 1914 ASUI-Officers; Ayers, Dean; Wilson, Lyman P.; Gill, James John; Hulme, Edward Maslin; Hulme, Edward M; Boyle, John M.; McAdams, Harry; O'Neil, L.E.; Dotson, Frank B.; Taylor, Verne L.; Adams, Russell G.; Evans, Philip J.; Buffington, Don M.; Heer, Arthur L.; School of Law; Sutton, Arthur O.; Tennis; Baseball
May 28th, 1914 Campus Day; Edmundson, Clarence (Heck); McAdams, Harry; Track; Baseball; Watkins Gold Medal for Oratory
June 3rd, 1914 Chess club; Alpha Kappa Epsilon; Delta, Gamma; Track; Class of 1915; Larson, Gus L.; Edmundson, Clarence (Heck); Pre Medics club; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; Track; The Idaho Argonaut
September 24th, 1914 Animal Husbandry, Dept. of; Hall, George; Kennard, Frank Leslie; Griffith, John George; Steward, Charles A.
October 1st, 1914 Employment Bureau; Enrollment; Freshman-Sophomore contest; School of Law
October 8th, 1914 Arnold, Earl C.; Black, John; Cadets, Battalion of; Parmellee, D.D.; Favre, Clarence; Wilson, Lyman P.
October 15th, 1914 Downing, G.W.; Hickman, Cuthbert Wright; Forestry - course for ranger; Holes, O.W.; Library; Putman, John J.; Robb, Newell S.; Strate, E.M.; Tennis; Football
October 22nd, 1914 Edmundson, Clarence (Heck); Griffith, John George; Phillips, J.L. (Buck); Football
October 29th, 1914 Borah Debate prize; Cadets, Battalion of; Debate club - Students -; Library; Burns, Robert; Hayes, Jack; Brown, Stanley; Gronicer, Robert; Football
November 6th, 1914 Traditions; Freshman-Sophomore contest; Football team; Rally bonfire; Track - Cross country
November 18th, 1914
November 20th, 1914 Lewis, Howard Thompson; Phi Alpha Delta; Rifle Club; Football
December 4th, 1914 Livestock judging - Butter, Apple; Football team; Griffith, John George; Football
December 18th, 1914 Animal Husbandry, Dept. of; Forester's club; Debate - vs. WSC; Farmers week; Lewis, Howard Thompson; Administration building (1907-; Beckman, Ernest; Huff, Lawrence; Van Der Veer C.W.; University Symphony orchestra