Argonaut 1913

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Date Subjects
January 7th, 1913 Athletics
January 15th, 1913 ASUI-Financial report; Administration building (1907-; Northwest College conference; Basketball
January 22nd, 1913 Intramural track; Basketball
January 29th, 1913 Debate - vs. Pacific University; Northwest College conference; Basketball
February 5th, 1913 Carlyle, W.L.; Class of 1913; Debate; Sophomore frolic; Basketball
February 12th, 1913 Class of 1914; Intramural track; Registration fees; Basketball
February 19th, 1913 Class of 1915; Dewey Memorial prize - Debate; Track
February 26th, 1913 ASUI-Financial report; Baseball; Military Ball; The Quill
March 5th, 1913 Smith, Kathryn; Perkins, Enoch; Y.M.C.A.
March 11th, 1913 Class of 1913; Basketball
March 19th, 1913 ASUI-Financial report; Debate - vs. Gonzaga; Freshman-Sophomore contest; Gifts to University of Idaho; Pi Alpha Delta
March 26th, 1913 New stadium (Neale Field)
April 2nd, 1913 Baseball
April 9th, 1913 Administration building (1907-; Debate - Idaho vs. Willamette University
April 16th, 1913 ASUI-Financial report; Administration building (1907-; School of Law; McCutcheon, Otis Eddy; Moore, Frank; Wilber, C.H.; Wilson, Lyman P.; Hulme, Edward Maslin; Chamberlain, Horace Lorenzo; Leeper, Robert Dwight; Rice, Charles Allen; Duffey, Grover James; Lucas, Parker V.; Swanson, Theodore Abel; Griner, John Irvin; Perkins, Proctor Knott; Hoobler, Lester Algernon; Peterson, Louis George; Whitten, Herbert Walter; Wood, Cartee
April 30th, 1913 Cadets, Battalion of; Summer school; Baseball
May 6th, 1913 Baseball
May 13th, 1913 Track
May 20th, 1913 ASUI-Financial report; ASUI-Officers; Y.M.C.A.; Track; Baseball
May 27th, 1913 Baseball; Campus Day; Baseball
June 4th, 1913 Alumni, The Idaho; Commencement week - schedule; Bench and Bar; Track; Preparatory school commencement; Season tickets; Tennis; Watkins Gold Medal for Oratory
September 26th, 1913 Athletic field; Carlyle, W.L.; Class of 1914; Class of 1917; Football; 'I' Tower; Favre, Clarence; Knudson, Albert; Griffith, John George; Kinnison, Bank; Samms, Virgil (Samie); Brown, Stanley; Johnson, Jack; Phillips, J.L. (Buck); Administration building (1907-; Lockhard, Jim
October 2nd, 1913 Fooks, Herbert C.; Library
October 9th, 1913 Cadets, Battalion of; Debate; Enrollment; Griffith, John George; Football
October 16th, 1913 ASUI-Financial report; Athletic Ball; Bender, Coach; Football; University of Idaho - Book audited
October 23rd, 1913 Administration building (1907-; Angell, Martin Fuller; Athletic Ball; Football; Wodsedalek, Jerry Edward
October 30th, 1913 Idaho Soil Improvement League; Lucas, Georgia; Football
November 6th, 1913 Agriculture Club; Botany, Department of; Department of Home Economics; Freshman-Sophomore contest; Library; Registration - geographic distribution; Football
November 13th, 1913 Cadets, Battalion of; College of Agriculture - Extension work; Track - Cross country
November 20th, 1913 Forester's club; ASUI-Financial report; Batts, Edison; College of Agriculture - Extension work; Football - Team standing - Northwest conference; Hahn, Archie; Niles, Royal; Pan-Hellenic council; Slover, Clark; Football; Football
November 27th, 1913 College of Agriculture - Extension work
December 4th, 1913 Ayers, Dean; Leiby, Cora; Lockhard, Jim; Johnson, Jack; Favre, Clarence; Kinnison, Bank; Knudson, Albert; Samms, Virgil (Samie); Carey, E.J.; Football
December 11th, 1913 Athletic Board; Football - Team standing - Northwest conference; Livestock judging team
December 18th, 1913 Debate - vs. O A C; Debate - vs. WSC; English club - University of Idaho; Intramural track; Livestock special; Taylor, E.P.