Argonaut 1912

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Date Subjects
January 9th, 1912 Basketball; Track
January 16th, 1912 Debate - vs. Pacific University; Debate - vs. University of Oregon; Maguire, J. Francis; Cogswell, I.J.; Basketball
January 23rd, 1912 Football; Intramural track; Basketball
January 30th, 1912 Edmundson, Clarence (Heck); Football - Financial report
February 6th, 1912 College of Agriculture - Extension work; Library; Blanton, Joseph Philip; University of Idaho - Photos of interiors of buildings; University of Idaho - Photos of interiors of buildings; University of Idaho - Prep memorial fund; Basketball; Y.M.C.A.
February 13th, 1912 Class of 1915; Junior promenade; University of Idaho student Orchestra; Basketball
February 20th, 1912 Cook, Irwin W.; Debate; Dewey Memorial prize - Debate; Lucas, Parker V.; Cogswell, I.J.; Basketball; Y.M.C.A.
February 27th, 1912 Athletic association; Registration - chart; Military Ball; Basketball
March 5th, 1912 College of Agriculture - Extension work; Dewey Memorial prize - Debate; Basketball; Lucas, Parker V.; Basketball; Wadsworth, Herbert
March 12th, 1912 Cadets, Battalion of
March 19th, 1912 Traditions; Summer school
March 26th, 1912 Debate - Victor price society; Intramural track; Master's degree - Requirements
April 2nd, 1912 Debate - vs. Whitman; Entrance requirements; Sweet, Margaret A.
April 9th, 1912 Cadets, Battalion of; Debate - Victor price society
April 16th, 1912 Baseball, intramural; Dotson, Frank B.; Parker, Hugh; Perkins, Proctor Knott; Bond, H.O.; Buffington, C.H.; Harris, James; McCann, Leroy; Johnson, Roy O.; Mason, W.H.; O'Neil, L.E.; Moore, Frank; Wilber, C.H.; Wilson, Lyman P.; Smith, H.R.; School of Law; McCutcheon, Otis Eddy; Lucas, Parker V.
April 30th, 1912 Baseball, intramural; Enrollment
May 7th, 1912 Administration building (1907-; Boise Club; Summer school; The Quill; Track; Y.M.C.A.
May 14th, 1912 Baseball Dope (Title of a column)`; Summer school; Track
May 21st, 1912 ASUI-Elections; Baseball Dope (Title of a column)`; Campus Day; Department of Veterinary Science; Idaho country life; Tennis
May 28th, 1912 Baseball Dope (Title of a column)`; Campus Day; Track
June 4th, 1912 ASUI-Financial report; Baseball Dope (Title of a column)`; Business Administration, College of; Campus Day; Commencement calendar; Track; Summer school
October 1st, 1912 ASUI-Financial report; Athletic Board; Class of 1913; Class of 1914; Class of 1916; Enrollment; Football; ASUI-Executive Board; Griffith, John George; Van Der Veer C.W.; Administration building (1907-; Perkins, Proctor Knott; Perkins, Enoch; Football
October 8th, 1912 Administration building (1907-; Distribution of student; Athletics; Football; Samms, Virgil (Samie); Knudson, Albert; Scholarships
October 15th, 1912 Athletic Ball; Edmundson, Clarence (Heck); Football; Gifts to University of Idaho; Borah, William E.; Kinnison, Bank; Master's degree - Requirements; Burns, Robert; Rally bonfire
October 22nd, 1912
October 29th, 1912 Football
November 5th, 1912 Associated Miners of; Borah Debate prize; Ridenbaugh Award; Football
November 12th, 1912 Traditions
November 19th, 1912 ASUI-Financial report; Bookstore, Students Co-op; Y.M.C.A.
November 26th, 1912 Football
December 3rd, 1912 Football - Team standing - Northwest conference; Kinnison, Bank; Perkins, Enoch; Burns, Robert; Perkins, Proctor Knott; Football
December 10th, 1912 MacLean, James Alexander; Foster Ralph Baxter; Scholarships; Track; Track
December 18th, 1912 Football - Financial report; Junior promenade