Argonaut 1911

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Date Subjects
January 11th, 1911 Scholarships; Basketball; Football
January 18th, 1911 Debate - vs. Pacific University; Extension courses; Durrie, Paul; Horning, Charles; Basketball; Zeta Delta
January 25th, 1911 Biology Club; Intramural track; Hellier-Collins, E.
February 8th, 1911 Pan-Hellenic council; Basketball
February 22nd, 1911 Dewey Memorial prize - Debate; Northern Idaho University club; Military Ball; Basketball; Vollmer award
March 1st, 1911 Chemical club; Gifts to University of Idaho; Basketball
March 8th, 1911 Extension service; Gem of the Mountains; Idaho Society of Civil Engineers; Daus, Harry H.; Basketball; Preparatory school; University of Idaho - Appropriations; Basketball
March 15th, 1911 Associated Miners of; Baseball; Freshman-Sophomore contest; Intercollegiate Prohibition Oratorical contest; Baseball
March 22nd, 1911 Debate; Extension courses; Freshman-Sophomore contest; Horning, Charles; Eoosevelt, Theodore; Track; Intramural track
March 29th, 1911 Cadets, Battalion of; Athletic Board; Basketball
April 5th, 1911 Debate council - Financial report; The Idaho Argonaut; Track; Eoosevelt, Theodore
April 19th, 1911 Cadets, Battalion of; Montgomery, James; Roosevelt, Theodore; Baseball; Intramural track
April 26th, 1911 Athletic field; Fenn, Lloyd A.; The Idaho Student Farmer; Baseball
May 3rd, 1911 Sage, Evan T.; Hostetter, Fay; Hellier-Collins, E.; Baseball
May 5th, 1911 Sage, Evan T.; Tull, C.C.
May 10th, 1911 Lewis court building; Tull, C.C.; Baseball
May 17th, 1911 Campus Day; Gem of the Mountains; Track; Baseball
May 24th, 1911 ASUI-Officers; Debate - vs. Whitman; May queen; Baseball; Track; Vollmer award
May 31st, 1911 Campus Day; Preparatory school officers
June 7th, 1911 Commencement week - schedule; Debate council - Officers; Preparatory school commencement; Baseball
September 22nd, 1911 Carlyle, W.L.; Childers, L.F.; Corbett, L.J.; Delta, Gamma; Durfee, Edgar Noble; Elliot, Dean; Iddings, E.J.; Kennard, Frank Leslie; Kostalek, John; Larson, Gus L.; Lelury, Justin; Livingston, D.C.; MacLean, James Alexander; McArthur, C.L.; McCutcheon, Otis Eddy; Nicholson, John F.; Patterson, Shirley Gale; Rueese, Laura; Schrack, C.V.; Steward, Charles A.; Thiege, Karl J.; Tull, C.C.; Wicks, W.H.; Wilber, C.H.; Wilson, Lyman P.
September 26th, 1911 Athletic Board; Cadets, Battalion of; Cathro, Thomas Earl; Administration building (1907-; Gray, H.G.; Idaho agricultural newsletter; Lundstrom, Fritz; O'Donnell, Geo; Cannon - University of Idaho; University of Idaho - Building and campus; Preparatory school; Scholarships
October 3rd, 1911 Agricultural Engineering, Dept. of; Aldrich, John Merton; Baker, E.T.; Class of 1912; Class of 1916; Hamilton, E.W.; 'I' Tower; Storer, Eugene; Temple, C.E.; Van Der Veer C.W.
October 10th, 1911 Class of 1913; Administration building (1907-; Experiment station farm of UI; Taft, William Howard; Rifle Club; Football; Y.M.C.A.
October 17th, 1911 Cadets, Battalion of; Perkins, Proctor Knott; University of Idaho - Building and campus; Johnson, Roy O.; Hillman, William; Knudson, Albert; Kinnison, Bank; Samms, Virgil (Samie); Favre, Clarence; Football; Registration - geographic distribution; Football
October 24th, 1911 Freshman-Sophomore contest; Football
October 31st, 1911 ASUI-Constitution; Debate council - Financial report; Idaho country life; The Idaho Student Farmer; University of Idaho Board of Regents
November 7th, 1911 College of Agriculture - Extension work; Debate - Ride Baugh Debate prize; Debate - Victor price society; Lucas, Parker V.; Football; University of Idaho - Building and campus
November 14th, 1911 AMUI; ASUI-Constitution; School of Law; Football
November 21st, 1911 Cadets, Battalion of; Inspection - University of Idaho; Intramural Football; Steinman, D.B.
November 28th, 1911 Biology, Department of
December 5th, 1911 Cadets, Battalion of; Football
December 12nd, 1911
December 19th, 1911 Cadets, Battalion of; Experiment station farm of UI; Intramural track; School of Forestry - Established; Wadsworth, Herbert