Argonaut 1910

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Date Subjects
January 5th, 1910 Basketball; Basketball; Basketball; Blanton, Joseph Philip; Basketball; Basketball
January 12th, 1910 Cadets, Battalion of; Basketball; Rifle Club
January 19th, 1910 Debate - vs. Brigham Young University; Curtis, Ray; Montgomery, James; Basketball
January 26th, 1910 Borah Debate; Department of Mechanical Engineering; Department of Music; School of Mines; Civil Engineering Department; Basketball; Vollmer award
February 1st, 1910 Cadets, Battalion of; Collens, E. Hellier; Debate - Victor price society; History of Greek and Latin literature, electives; Rifle Club
February 8th, 1910 Adkinson, J. Loyal; French, Permeal J.; MacLean, James Alexander; Eenn, Lloyd; Gamma Phi Beta; Basketball
February 15th, 1910 Associated Law Students of the University of Idaho; Military Ball; School of Law; Van Der Veer C.W.; Basketball
February 22nd, 1910 Fencing club; Rifle Club; School of Mines; Basketball
March 1st, 1910 Debate - Victor price society
March 8th, 1910 School of Mines
March 15th, 1910 ASUI-Constitution; Rock, John; Tweedy, Ira; Van Der Veer C.W.
March 22nd, 1910 Freshman-Sophomore contest; Black, Lloyd; Hilen, Reuben
March 29th, 1910 Debate; Glycart, Chris Karl; Hulme, Edward M; Rifle Club; Van Der Veer C.W.
April 5th, 1910 ASUI-Constitution; Y.W.C.A.; Y.M.C.A.
April 19th, 1910 Athletic field; Baseball; Cadets, Battalion of; Administration building (1907-; Debate; Mandolin club; Smith, Rollin; Track; Price, Victor E.; Y.M.C.A.
April 26th, 1910 Track; Van Der Veer C.W.
May 3rd, 1910 Track; Baseball
May 10th, 1910 Arboretum; Cadets, Battalion of; Iddings, E.J.; Ashby, R.C.; Track; Baseball
May 17th, 1910 Campus Day; Campus Day; Mandolin club; Traditions; Baseball
May 24th, 1910 ASUI-Elections; Boise Club; Campus Day; Price, Oliver
May 31st, 1910 Clements, Paul C.
June 7th, 1910 Chaffins, Clyde; Lee, William E.; Clarke, Lillian; LeBaron, Roy; Meldrum, Mary Belle; Edgett, Clarence M.; Fluharty, Lee; Leonard, W. Vernon; Steward, Frank P.; Keyes, Edith; Lewis, Evan; Perkins, Chas H.; Peterson, Nellie; Hawley, Ella; Heard, Clyde; Horton, Jennie; Byrns, Gertrude; Sprauge, Florence; Wadsworth, Herbert; Ziegler, La Verne; Hopper, William B.; Hupp, Oscar; Larson, Elsie; Meyers, Nellie; Baseball; Track
June 28th, 1910
October 5th, 1910 Armory and gymnasium building; Class of 1912; Hellier-Collins, E.; Preparatory school officers
October 12th, 1910 Class of 1911; Debate; Football
November 2nd, 1910 Football
November 16th, 1910 Traditions; Football
November 30th, 1910 College of Agriculture - Extension work; Griffith, John George; Changnon, Harry; Gwinn, James W.
December 14th, 1910 Intramural track; Football; Basketball; University of Idaho - Building and campus
December 21st, 1910 Building program; Administration building (1907-; Engineering building (Old); Litz Hall; Administration building (1892-1906)