Argonaut 1921

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Date Subjects
January 12th, 1921 Alpha Kappa Epsilon; Debate - vs. WSC; Kelley, Thomas; Gates, P.O.; Trimble, William J.; Basketball
January 19th, 1921 Basketball; Livestock judging - Butter, Apple, grains; Men's Glee club; Basketball
February 1st, 1921 Bacteriology, Dept. of; Clark, Isabel; Clarke, Elizabeth K.; Department of Home Economics; Harrison, Ralph C.; Miller, Carey D.; Omega Pi Alpha; School of Forestry; Taylor, J.B.; Basketball
February 8th, 1921 Men's Glee club; Wrestling; Rifle match; Basketball
February 15th, 1921 Class of 1918; Enrollment; Mortar Board; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Basketball
February 22nd, 1921 Class of 1921; Basketball; Honor system; Wrestling; Basketball
March 8th, 1921 Ag Day; Debate - vs. British Columbia; Livestock judging - Butter, Apple, grains; S P A Literary society; Western Inter-Collegiate Press Association
March 15th, 1921 Basketball; Hulme, Edward Maslin; Upham, A.H. (Alfred)
March 18th, 1921 Moe, Leslie Nelson (Bo); Wyman, Pete; Hyde, Eugene; Hunter, Elra (Squinty); Kelley, Thomas; Fox, Alex; Thompson, Oswald; Football
March 29th, 1921 Upham, A.H. (Alfred)
April 5th, 1921 ASUI-Constitution; Baseball; Upham, A.H. (Alfred)
April 12th, 1921 ASUI-Constitution; Sloan, F.A.
April 19th, 1921
April 26th, 1921 Library; The Idaho Argonaut; Track
May 3rd, 1921 Associated Women Students; Campus Day; Basketball
May 10th, 1921 Baseball, intramural; Campus Day; Campus Day; Track; Baseball; Senior sneak; Track; Baseball; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet
May 19th, 1921 Campus Day; Intramural Tennis; Intramural track
May 25th, 1921 Basketball; Song fest; Baseball
June 6th, 1921 Brosnan, C.J.; Memorial day; Baseball; Baccalaureate exercises; Baseball
June 17th, 1921
June 27th, 1921
October 4th, 1921 Coed - Rules regulating conduct; Physical examinations; Freshman-Sophomore contest
October 11th, 1921 Academic rules; Football
October 18th, 1921 Football
October 25th, 1921 Harvard club prize; Gem of the Mountains; Football; Yell team
November 1st, 1921 Football
November 8th, 1921 ASUI-Financial report; Cadets, Battalion of; The Idaho Argonaut; Football; Track - Cross country
November 15th, 1921 Forestry - course for ranger; Football; Livestock judging team; Football
November 23rd, 1921 The Elwetas; Football
November 30th, 1921 Easton, Stanley A.; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Football
December 7th, 1921 Phi Alpha Psi; The Idaho Argonaut
December 21st, 1921 Associated Women Students; Coeds, Self government for; Evans, Grove; Football - Team standing - Northwest conference; Irving, Robert; Military shoot