Argonaut 1922

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Date Subjects
January 4th, 1922 Forestry - course for ranger; Sigma Xi; Student loans; Basketball
January 11th, 1922 Agriculture Chautauqua (Movable school); College of Agriculture - Extension work; Curriculum; Honor system; Open forum; Fox, Alex; Student loans; Basketball
January 18th, 1922 Faculty committee on Health and housing; Basketball; Glee Club - tour; Boliou, Cecil; Cummings, Robert; Veatch, Fred; Wendell, Palmer; Glee Club; Southeastern Idaho University club; Baseball
January 25th, 1922 ASUI-Financial report; Barton, J.W.; Library; Football team; Gem of the Mountains
February 1st, 1922 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Knights of the Ball and Chain; Basketball
February 8th, 1922 Book Mart, University lunch room; Open forum; Student loans; Basketball
February 14th, 1922 Basketball; MacMillan, David; Fox, Richard (Rich); Wrestling; Basketball
February 22nd, 1922 ASUI-Financial report; Class of 1924; Wrestling; Wrestling; Basketball
March 1st, 1922 Basketball; Military Ball; Basketball
March 8th, 1922 Debate - vs. Montana State University; Debate - vs. University of Utah; Basketball
March 15th, 1922 Agriculture Judging Team; Agriculture Judging Team; Debate - Rocky Mountains Triangular; Livestock judging team; Livestock judging team; Open forum; Spanish club
March 22nd, 1922 ASUI-Financial report; Basketball; Rifle match; Student pastor; Scholarships
March 29th, 1922 Football; Phi Delta Theta; Fox, Alex; Planting of Ivy; Radio; Women's Athletic Association
April 5th, 1922 Student loans
April 12th, 1922 American Forest week; Athletic field; Basketball; Phi Beta Kappa; AEF
April 19th, 1922 Agriculture Chautauqua (Movable school); ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; ASUI-Financial report; Athletic field; Basketball; Women's Athletic Association
April 26th, 1922 College of Agriculture - Extension work; Home Economics House; Student loans; Baseball
May 3rd, 1922 Delta Ta Society; Track; Tennis; Baseball; Track
May 10th, 1922 ASUI-Officers; Track; Baseball
May 17th, 1922 Campus Day; Intramural track; Baseball; Women's Athletic Association
May 24th, 1922 ASUI-Financial report; Campus Day; Class of 1922; Intercollegiate Knights; Knights of the Ball and Chain; Track; Song fest; Track
May 31st, 1922 Bury the Hatchet picnic - and WSC; Commencement week - schedule; Memorial day; Track; Track
June 7th, 1922 Commencement exercises; Gould, J. O.; Gem of the Mountains; Kelley, Thomas; Planting of Ivy; Baseball; Sigma Xi; Student pastor
August 7th, 1922 Alumni day; Boosters, and Booster day of the; Lindley hall; Dormitories; Summer school; Iddings, E.J.; Matthews, R.L.; Brown, Frank (Bebe); MacMillan, David; Fox, Alex; Administration building (1907-; Southern Idaho special; University of Idaho - Needs
September 17th, 1922 Department of Music; Football; Scholarships; R.O.T.C.
September 27th, 1922 Academic rules; Class of 1925; Freshman-Sophomore contest; Highest prized piano at the university auditorium; Scholastic awards
October 4th, 1922 Class of 1923; Class of 1924; Class of 1926; Football training rules; Freshman-Sophomore contest; Football; Intra-Mural Athletic league; Grade Averages; Tumbling; Yell team
October 11th, 1922 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Football; Intelligence tests; Intercollegiate Knights; University of Idaho - History; Football; Women's Athletic Association
October 18th, 1922 Achilles Club; Alpha Sigma Gamma; Coed Prom; Football; Tennis; Scholarships; Football
October 25th, 1922 Harvard club prize; R.O.T.C.
November 1st, 1922 Animal Husbandry, Dept. of; Department of Economics and Business; Intramural track; Football
November 8th, 1922 Football; Women's Tennis; Football; Track
November 15th, 1922 Co-ed rifle team; English club - University of Idaho; Football
November 22nd, 1922 Football; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet
November 29th, 1922 Animal Husbandry, Dept. of; Football
December 6th, 1922 Easton, Stanley A.; Day, Jerome J.; Scholarships; School of Mines; Football
December 13th, 1922 Pi Delta Gamma; Football; Women's rifle team
December 20th, 1922 Girls Glee club; Southern Idaho special; University of Idaho - Needs