Argonaut 1923

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Date Subjects
January 5th, 1923 Basketball; Extension courses; Gifts to University of Idaho; Basketball
January 10th, 1923
January 17th, 1923 Cost of instruction; Debate - vs. University of Washington; Basketball; Enrollment; Fox, Alex; Thompson, Oswald; Telford, Harold; Silver lance; University Radio station; Basketball
January 24th, 1923 Debate - vs. University of Washington; Basketball; The Nugget (Blue Bucket); Basketball; Basketball
January 31st, 1923 Basketball
February 6th, 1923 Basketball; University of Idaho - Needs
February 9th, 1923 Chi Beta Epsilon; Debate - Women - vs. University of Washington; Constitution - ASUI
February 13th, 1923 Debate - vs. Whitman; Wrestling; Basketball
February 16th, 1923 Baseball, intramural; Class of 1923; Class of 1924; Class of 1925; Basketball; Inter-Hall council; Mortar Board; Fox, Alex; Student - Faculty committees; Scholarships; Basketball
February 20th, 1923 Class of 1926; Wrestling; Basketball
February 23rd, 1923 Thompson, Oswald; Basketball
February 27th, 1923 Baseball, intramural; Basketball; Blue Bucket; Wrestling; Basketball
March 2nd, 1923 Intercollegiate Knights; Basketball
March 6th, 1923 Baseball, intramural; Fox, Alex; Thompson, Oswald; Wrestling; Basketball
March 9th, 1923 Ag Day; ASUI-Officers; Glee Club
March 13th, 1923 Intramural track; University of Idaho - Appropriations
March 16th, 1923 Telford, Harold
March 20th, 1923
March 23rd, 1923 Blue Bucket; Basketball coach; Women's rifle team; Y.W.C.A.
March 27th, 1923 Baseball
March 30th, 1923
April 10th, 1923 Animal Husbandry, Dept. of; Student campaign drive; Grade Averages; Graduates; Baseball
April 13th, 1923 Women's Athletics
April 17th, 1923 Swimming
April 20th, 1923 Debate - vs. University of Utah; Golf club; Intramural championships; Mortar Board
April 24th, 1923 Debate - , Montana, Utah; Girls Glee club; Junior promenade
April 27th, 1923 Memorial gymnasium; Cramer, John W.; Brown, Frank (Bebe); Baseball
May 1st, 1923 Commencement calendar; Wrestling; Baseball
May 4th, 1923 Baseball; R.O.T.C.
May 8th, 1923 Baseball; Track
May 11th, 1923 Baseball
May 15th, 1923 Alpha Kappa PSI; Historical Pageant; Track; Tennis
May 18th, 1923 French, Permeal J.; Memorial gymnasium; Jones, Clara; Rowlands, Jean; Baseball
May 22nd, 1923 Campus Day; Gifts to University of Idaho; Intramural track; French, Burton L.; Basketball
May 25th, 1923 Curtain Club; Gifts to University of Idaho; Intramural Tennis; University Radio station; Baseball
May 29th, 1923 Historical Pageant; Student handbook; Baseball
June 1st, 1923 Associated student body presidents; Baseball; Tennis; Baseball
June 9th, 1923 Commencement calendar; Historical Pageant; Tennis; Baseball
August 3rd, 1923 Weaver, Rudolph; Crawford, Ivan C.; Davis, Robert M.; Crawford, Claude C.; Steward, Randall; Wirt, Lillian M.; Graves, Lucius W.; Michael, William H.; Forney Hall; Telford, Harold; Brown, Frank (Bebe); Fitzke, Bob; Knudson, Albert; MacMillan, David; Matthews, R.L.; Neal, Jim; Neidig, R.E.; Engineering building (Old); School of Nursing
August 16th, 1923
August 21st, 1923
August 25th, 1923
August 28th, 1923
September 28th, 1923 Absentee rulings; Debate; Bench and Bar; Origination of 'Vandals'
October 2nd, 1923 Building program; Pi Beta Phi; Athletic managers
October 5th, 1923 Interfraternity council; Student - Faculty committees
October 9th, 1923 Empire' - Vandal mascot; Forester's Whistle; Football
October 12th, 1923 Fitzke, Bob; Davis, Wayne; Kline, Maurice 'Dusty'; Quinn, Lawrence (Larry); Stivers, Vernon (Skippy)
October 16th, 1923 Football; University of Idaho - History; Football
October 19th, 1923 Judging of livestock; Matthews, R.L.; Stivers, Vernon (Skippy); Kleffner, Sylvester 'Syb'; Tapper, Lyle; Bucklin, Ted; Hausen, Charles (Dad); Vesser, Jonny; Kline, Maurice 'Dusty'; Quinn, Lawrence (Larry); Nelson, Neal 'Nellie'; Football
October 23rd, 1923 Agricultural Extension conference, UI; Football; Rally bonfire
October 26th, 1923
October 30th, 1923 Intramural Football
November 2nd, 1923
November 6th, 1923 Football
November 9th, 1923 Idaho Memorial building association; Gem of the Mountains
November 10th, 1923 Department of Physical Education; Marker, Sophus; Fitzke, Bob; Wicks, Guy; Knudson, Albert; MacMillan, David; Matthews, R.L.; Neidig, R.E.; Kerschisnick, Frank; Kinnison, Franks; Cameron, Victor F. (Vic); Disney, Dwight; Irving, Royal; Tapper, Lyle; Football team; Hausen, Charles (Dad); Stivers, Vernon (Skippy); Kline, Maurice 'Dusty'; Vesser, Jonny; Empire' - Vandal mascot; Goff, Abe; Quinn, Lawrence (Larry); Nelson, Neal 'Nellie'; Kline, Maurice 'Dusty'; Davis, Wayne; Davison, Gifford (Giff); Stephens, Ray (Fat); Kleffner, Sylvester 'Syb'; Pep Band Orchestra; Bucklin, Ted; Reemer, Walt; Stephens, Ray (Fat); University of Idaho - Needs
November 20th, 1923 Football
November 23rd, 1923 Basketball
November 27th, 1923 Track; Football
December 4th, 1923
December 7th, 1923
December 11th, 1923 Animal Husbandry, Dept. of; Basketball
December 14th, 1923
December 19th, 1923 Fitzke, Bob