Argonaut 1924

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Date Subjects
January 8th, 1924 Basketball; Fitzke, Bob; Stivers, Vernon (Skippy); Kline, Maurice 'Dusty'
January 11th, 1924 Science hall - construction; Basketball
January 15th, 1924 Basketball; Baseball
January 18th, 1924 Basketball; Swimming; Yell team
January 22nd, 1924 Debate - Idaho, Oregon, British Columbia; Basketball
January 25th, 1924 Debate - vs. University of British Columbia
January 29th, 1924 Chi Beta Epsilon; Basketball
February 5th, 1924 Alpha Chi Omega; Phi Alpha Psi; Wrestling; Basketball
February 8th, 1924 Debate - vs. Whitman; Farmers institute
February 12th, 1924 Extension courses; Basketball; Scholarships; Wrestling; Basketball
February 15th, 1924 Basketball
February 19th, 1924 Class of 1925; Basketball; Wrestling; Basketball
February 22nd, 1924 Class of 1926; Debate - vs. Montana State University; Pi Sigma Rho; Basketball
February 27th, 1924 Wrestling; Basketball
March 5th, 1924 ASUI-Constitution; Basketball
March 12th, 1924 Beta Chi; R.O.T.C.; Basketball coach
March 19th, 1924 Empire' - Vandal mascot; City of Moscow historic buildings; Y.W.C.A.
March 26th, 1924 Science hall - construction
April 2nd, 1924 ASUI-Officers; Little International; Mechanical arts; Science hall - contract
April 9th, 1924 Memorial gymnasium
April 16th, 1924 Debate - vs. University of Southern California; Famers' fair; R.O.T.C.
April 23rd, 1924 Class of 1924; Intramural track
April 30th, 1924 Track; Little International; Baseball
May 7th, 1924 Alpha Chi Omega; Associated Women Students; ASUI-Officers; Baseball
May 14th, 1924 Class of 1924; Grade Averages; Song and stunt fest; Track; Track; Baseball
May 21st, 1924 Sigma Alpha Iota; Tau Kappa Iota; Track; Baseball
August 16th, 1924 Beta Theta Pi; Kerr, T.S.; Kappa Delta Chi; Harris, Silas A.; Armstrong, Margaret; Nyvall, David Jr.; Weaver, Alice Walden; Garnett, Maude; Blue Bucket Inn; Matthews, R.L.; Kline, Maurice 'Dusty'; Hausen, Charles (Dad); Tapper, Lyle; MacMillan, David; Williams, Lewis; Registration - Procedure; Football; Basketball; Science hall; Sigma Chi; Southern Idaho special; Student loans; University of Idaho - Staff; Basketball
September 14th, 1924 Absentee rulings; Fees and deposits; Oliver, George; Football team; Matthews, R.L.; Scholarship committee rulings; Science hall; Science hall; Secretary of religious work; Sigma Chi; University of Idaho - Opening exercises; University of Idaho - Staff
September 19th, 1924 Class of 1928; Convocation; Football Mascot (Empire); Freshman-Sophomore contest; Scholarships; R.O.T.C.; Scholarship cups - University of Idaho; Science hall; Science hall; Lambda Chi Alpha; Southern Idaho special
September 23rd, 1924 Blue Bucket Inn; Freshman-Sophomore contest; Russian language; Seeley, Mrs. T.A.
September 26th, 1924 Class of 1927; Class of 1928; Growth of the University of Idaho; Football; Pi Sigma Rho
September 30th, 1924 Enrollment; G.O.P. club
October 3rd, 1924 Absentee rulings; Class of 1925; Enrollment; G.O.P. club; Girls Glee club; Football; Gem of the Mountains
October 7th, 1924 Gail, Floyd W.
October 10th, 1924 Winged Helmet; Football
October 14th, 1924 Football
October 17th, 1924 Rhyne, Edith; Football
October 21st, 1924 Football; Pacific International Livestock Expo.
October 24th, 1924 English club - University of Idaho; Mental tests for students; Idaho engineer; Science hall; Volleyball
October 28th, 1924 Agriculture short courses; Blue Bucket; Mental tests for students; Football
October 31st, 1924 Delta Chi; Kappa Delta; Idaho Forester; Science hall
November 4th, 1924 Football
November 7th, 1924 Debate, Women's Intramural; Delta Chi; Memorial gymnasium; Stivers, Vernon (Skippy); Hausen, Charles (Dad); Tapper, Lyle; Kinnison, Franks; Quinn, Lawrence (Larry); Bucklin, Ted
November 12th, 1924 Football; Pacific International Livestock Expo.; Sigma Chi; Football
November 14th, 1924 Absentee rulings; Debate, Intramural; Pep Band
November 18th, 1924 Football; Hiking club; Blue Bucket
November 21st, 1924 Debate, Intramural
November 25th, 1924 Achilles Club; Forestry - course for ranger; Football
December 2nd, 1924 Football - All Pacific coast team; Football
December 5th, 1924 Basketball
December 9th, 1924 Delta Mu Chi; Football - All Coast Eleven
December 12th, 1924 Christmas Carol sing on campus; Debate, Intramural; Southern Idaho special; Stivers, Vernon (Skippy)
December 16th, 1924 Angell, Martin Fuller; Football - All American team; Glee Club, mixed; Scholarships; Pacific Coast conference; Scholarships; Volleyball
December 19th, 1924 Debate - vs. Oxford; Football; Matthews, R.L.; The Elwetas; University of Idaho - Needs