Argonaut 1925

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Date Subjects
January 6th, 1925 Football - All Pacific coast team; Basketball
January 9th, 1925 ASUI-Financial report; Basketball; Blue Bucket
January 13th, 1925 Blue Bucket Inn; Matthews, R.L.; Basketball
January 16th, 1925 Chimes, Attempt to secure; Debate, Intramural; Science hall; Wrestling
January 20th, 1925 Davis, Robert McNair; Enrollment; Intramural volleyball; Tuition fees; University of Idaho - Expansion; Basketball
January 23rd, 1925 Debate - vs. University of Washington; Memorial gymnasium; Memorial gymnasium; Blue Bucket; Pi Sigma Rho; University of Idaho - Needs; Basketball
January 30th, 1925 Buck, Philip; Cosmopolitan Club; Idaho state college; Basketball
February 3rd, 1925 University of Idaho - Needs
February 6th, 1925 Basketball
February 10th, 1925 Bench and Bar; Idaho state college; Basketball
February 13th, 1925 Class of 1926; Debate - Idaho, Oregon, Washington
February 17th, 1925 Chimes, Attempt to secure
February 20th, 1925 Beta Theta Pi; Class of 1925; Finance controversy, university of Idaho; Phi Beta Kappa; University of Idaho - Needs; Y.M.C.A.; Zoning for the University campus
February 24th, 1925 Class of 1927; Finance controversy, university of Idaho; S.A.I.; Idaho state college; Sigma Delta Pi; Wrestling; Basketball
February 27th, 1925 Hungerford, Charles William; Rifle match; Idaho state college; Basketball
March 3rd, 1925 Basketball; Gem of the Mountains; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Chi; The Elwetas; University of Idaho - Expansion; Wrestling; Basketball
March 6th, 1925 Basketball, girls; Debate - National Intercollegiate meet; Debate - vs. University of Utah; Debate, Intramural; Basketball
March 10th, 1925 Beta Theta Pi; Chimes, Attempt to secure; Baseball, intramural; Phi Beta Kappa
March 13th, 1925 Alpha Zeta; European summer tours (for course credit); Phi Beta Kappa; Tuition fees
March 17th, 1925 University Symphony orchestra
March 20th, 1925 All engineer's day; American Forest week; Intercollegiate Knights; Sigma Tau; Wrestling
March 24th, 1925 Achilles Club; Delta Mu Chi; R.O.T.C.; Tumbling
March 27th, 1925 Delta Mu Chi; Men's Glee club
April 1st, 1925 Achilles Club; School of Law
April 3rd, 1925 Agriculture experiment station; All engineer's day; Baseball, intramural; Sigma Chi
April 7th, 1925 Appropriations; Associated Women Students; Delta Sigma; Science hall; Sigma Xi; Town Women's Association
April 15th, 1925 Junior week; Junior week; Kjosness, W.B.; Little International; Town Men's Association; Baseball
April 17th, 1925 American Forest week; Science hall; State typing contest; Y.M.C.A.
April 21st, 1925 All engineer's day; Becher, Edmund; Class of 1925; Fuller, Major Francis R.; Intramural track; Junior week; Little International; Matthews, R.L.; Pi Delta Gamma; Baseball; Y.W.C.A. Girl reserves
April 24th, 1925 Girls Glee club; Little International; Little International; Scabbard and blade; Sex ratio
April 28th, 1925 American Institute of Electronic Engineers; Chenoweth, Curtis Worth; Glee Club; Jennings, Talbot; Little International; Senior sneak; Tau Omega; The Elwetas; Baseball
May 1st, 1925 All engineer's day; Business Administration, College of; Fahrenwald, A.W.; Graduate school; School of Mines; Senior sneak
May 5th, 1925 All engineer's day; Alpha Tau Omega; Tennis; State typing contest; The Idaho Argonaut; Track
May 8th, 1925 ASUI-Elections; Campus Day; Girls Glee club; Song fest; Baseball
May 12th, 1925 Becher, Edmund; Campus Day; May fete; Phi Alpha Delta; Baseball
May 15th, 1925 Animal Husbandry, Dept. of; Associated Foresters; Campus Day; Chemistry, Department of; Department of Horticulture; Department of Plant Pathology; Department of Poultry; Famers' fair; Tuition fees; Baseball
May 19th, 1925 Agriculture picnic-UI and WAU; Bacteriology, Dept. of; Alpha Tau Omega; Famers' fair; Marineau, Al; Idaho engineer; Spangler, R.L.; The Elwetas; Track; Tennis; Baseball; Wodsedalek, Jerry Edward
May 22nd, 1925 Department of Agronomy; Famers' fair; Golf club; Blue Bucket; Science hall
August 10th, 1925 Agriculture experiment station; Alumni Association; Bailey, Neil P.; Business Administration, College of; Campus streets paved; Class of 1925; Cost of education at the University of Idaho; Erickson, Ralph (Leif); Fjelde, Olaf; Memorial gymnasium; Gersting, John M.; Graduate school; Hanson, Henry C.; Harris, W.L.; Jacobson, Elsie; Jennings, Talbot; Joyce, Edwin E.; Martin, Alonzo; Muttkowski, Richard A.; Pechanec, Anna Alice; Peterson, Agnes; Blake, Irving H.; Hubert, Earnest E.; Merrill, Maurice H.; Easley, Howard; Larson, Martin; Peterson, Jane E.; Pep Band; MacLean field; Beta Theta Pi; Pi Sigma Rho; Pitcher, Carter Lee; Registration fees; Schmitz, Henry; Science hall; Sorenson, Robert E.; Southern Idaho special; Remsberg, John D.; Sulerud, George L.; Sweet, Willis; University of Idaho - Cost of educating each student; University of Idaho - Expansion; University of Idaho - Schedules of opening events; University of Idaho - Staff; Wade, Charles R.; Wooliams, George E.
September 16th, 1925 Absentee rulings; Entrance Examination; Freshman week; Greenwood, Bessie; Davison, Gifford (Giff); Cameron, Victor F. (Vic); Matthews, R.L.; Terry, Irving (Chick); Registration - Procedure; Science hall; University of Idaho - Staff
September 23rd, 1925
September 25th, 1925 Class of 1929; Gauss, H.F.; Foreign students; Freshman-Sophomore contest; Memorial gymnasium; Intercollegiate Knights; Lindley hall; Pep Band
September 29th, 1925 Coed - Rules regulating conduct; Summer school; Glee Club, mixed; Hulme fight; Sorority pledge parade; Y.M.C.A. advisory board
October 2nd, 1925 I' Club - officers; Class of 1927; English club - University of Idaho; Enrollment; Foreign students; Pi Sigma Rho; Football; Y.M.C.A.
October 4th, 1925
October 9th, 1925 Athletic Ball; Blue Bucket; ASUI-Services; University of Idaho - History
October 13th, 1925 I' Club; Alumni - athletic committee; Football
October 16th, 1925 Class of 1926; Tennis; Pep Band; Lambda Chi Alpha; Athletic managers
October 20th, 1925 American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Harvard club prize; Law - Association of pre-legal students; Rallies; Football
October 23rd, 1925 American Society of Civil Engineers; Tennis; Town Women's Association
October 26th, 1925 Financial status - University of Idaho; Football; University of Idaho - History
October 30th, 1925 Homecoming; Matthews, R.L.; Pep Band; Phi Gamma Delta
November 3rd, 1925 Judging of livestock; Foreign students; Library
November 6th, 1925 Department of Psychology; Livestock judging team; Pep Band
November 10th, 1925 Almquist, John A.; Aspray, Ruth Muriel; Beta Theta Pi; Home Economics scholarships; Idaho Forester; Pep Band; Football; Track - Cross country
November 13th, 1925 Idaho Forester; Pep Band; Sigma Nu
November 17th, 1925 Pacific Intercollegiate Press Association; Gem of the Mountains
November 20th, 1925 Law - Association of pre-legal students; Pep Band; Davison, Gifford (Giff); Cameron, Victor F. (Vic)
November 24th, 1925 Freshmen directors; Football
December 1st, 1925 Football
December 4th, 1925 Delta Sigma; University Post office
December 8th, 1925 Southern Idaho special
December 11th, 1925 Basketball, girls; Football - All Coast Eleven; Basketball; University Post office
December 15th, 1925 Christmas Carol sing on campus; Bureau of Mines; Arboretum
December 18th, 1925 Christmas Carol sing on campus; Freshmen directors; Basketball