Argonaut 1926

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Date Subjects
January 8th, 1926 Basketball; Botany, Department of; Experiment station land acquirement
January 12th, 1926 Absentee rulings
January 15th, 1926 Phi Gamma Delta; Basketball
January 19th, 1926 Absentee rulings; Debate - vs. Gonzaga; Simmons, J.L.; Wonderlich, Hubert; Becher, Edmund; Basketball
January 22nd, 1926 ASUI; Department of Mining; Entrance requirements; Basketball; Intercollegiate Knights
January 26th, 1926 Debate - vs. University of California; Basketball; Library; Sigma Delta Pi; Wrestling
January 29th, 1926 Sigma Delta Pi; Summer school at Boise
February 5th, 1926 Absentee rulings; Scholarships; Rifle match
February 9th, 1926 Faculty Medical fund; Enrollment; Experiment station land acquirement; Omega Alpha; The Idaho Argonaut; Wrestling
February 12th, 1926 Class of 1927; Enrollment; Basketball; Gem of the Mountains; Poultry short courses; The Idaho Argonaut; Basketball
February 16th, 1926 Basketball; Lange, David C.; Wrestling
February 19th, 1926 Class of 1926; Class of 1928; Class of 1929; Freshmen directors; Basketball
February 23rd, 1926 Debate - vs. University of Oregon; Enrollment; Freshmen directors; The Idaho Argonaut; Basketball
February 26th, 1926 Debate - vs. University of Oregon; Junior week; University swimming pool - Natatorium
March 2nd, 1926 Basketball; Rifle match; Student religions census; Basketball
March 5th, 1926 Pep Band
March 9th, 1926 Student tennis managers; Football
March 12th, 1926 ASUI - Discipline committee; Basketball; Intramural sports cup; University swimming pool - Natatorium
March 16th, 1926 Freshmen directors; Pep Band
March 19th, 1926 Junior week; Rifle match; Football
March 23rd, 1926 American History Essay contest; Football
March 26th, 1926 Debate, Intramural; The Idaho Argonaut
March 30th, 1926 Debate, Intramural; Glee Club, mixed; Honor system
April 2nd, 1926 Enrollment; Hays Hall construction; R.O.T.C.
April 6th, 1926 Grades; Junior week; Matthews, R.L.; Rifle match
April 9th, 1926 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Class of 1926; Debate - vs. University of Southern California; MacMillan, David; May fete; Y.M.C.A.
April 13th, 1926 Associated council; Debate, Intramural; Intramural track; Junior week; Philbrook, George W.; University of Idaho - Cost of operation
April 16th, 1926 Graduate school; Hays Hall construction; University string quartette; Baseball
April 20th, 1926 Little International; Rifle Club; Baseball
April 23rd, 1926 ASUI-Elections; Memorial gymnasium; University string quartette; Tennis; The Idaho Argonaut; Baseball
April 30th, 1926 Blue key; Little International; Little International; Little International; Little International; Pi Lambda Theta
May 4th, 1926 American Society of Civil Engineers; Track; The Idaho Argonaut; Track; Baseball
May 7th, 1926 ASUI-Elections; ASUI-Officers; Debate, Intramural; Girls Glee club; May fete; Baseball
May 11th, 1926 Campus Day; Rushing week - rules; Baseball
May 14th, 1926 Erb, Charles E.; Freshmen directors; May fete; The Idaho Argonaut
May 18th, 1926 Baseball; Blue key; Debate, Intramural; Baseball
May 21st, 1926 Freshmen directors; Oratorical contest; Track; Track; Wrestling
May 25th, 1926 Intramural Program; Football; Pi Lambda Theta; Tennis; Track; Track; Baseball; Wodsedalek, Jerry Edward
May 28th, 1926
June 3rd, 1926 ASUI-Financial report; Cline, Denzel C.; Engberg, R.C.; Hays Hall construction; Johnson, Jennie F.W.; Library; Oliver, George; Rierson, Ellen; Track; Baseball; Y.M.C.A.
August 12th, 1926 Alumni Office; Blue key; Campus streets paved; Davidson, Bob; Davidson, H. Carter; Memorial gymnasium; Kappa Alpha Theta; Pi Beta Phi; Eastman, Morjorie; Entrance requirements; Freshmen directors; Identification, ASUI - registration photo; Infirmary; Johnston, C.E.; Kramer, Paul J.; Landis, Ora I.; Need for new library; Omega Alpha; Canine, Herbert; Gartin, Charles; Jacoby, Glenn J. 'Red'; O'Donnell, Grover; Powers, Frank; Diehl, Charles; Erb, Charles E.; MacMillan, David; Philbrook, George W.; Wiesehuegel, E.C.; Johnson, Jennie F.W.; Mechem, Frank L.; Bergman, Nevora; R.O.T.C.; Registration - geographic distribution; Registration fees; Southern Idaho special; Stageberry, Oswald C.R.; Summer school; University Post office; Vincent, C.C.; White, Almon J.; Y.M.C.A.
September 14th, 1926
September 17th, 1926 Freshmen directors; Infirmary; Hays Hall construction; Football; Stock show at inter state fair
September 21st, 1926 Enrollment; Identification, ASUI - registration photo; Infirmary; Athletic managers
September 24th, 1926 Alpha Theta; Memorial gymnasium; Entrance requirements; Freshman week; Freshman-Sophomore contest; Freshman-Sophomore contest; Freshmen directors; Memorial gymnasium; Lattig, H.E. (Dean); Pi Beta Phi; Ruehle, G.L.A.; Rushing week - rules; Russell, Ralph D.; Scholarship cups - University of Idaho; University of Idaho - Staff; University Post office; University swimming pool - Natatorium
September 28th, 1926 Enrollment; Football team; Freshman-Sophomore contest; Glee Club, mixed; Intercollegiate Knights; The Idaho Argonaut - Board; Women students annual walk out
October 1st, 1926
October 5th, 1926 Bliss, (Bud); Pi Delta Gamma; Religions census; Football
October 8th, 1926 Football
October 12th, 1926 Football; Pep Band
October 15th, 1926 Debate, Intramural; Football
October 19th, 1926 Debate, Intramural; Football
October 22nd, 1926 Gem of the Mountains; The Idaho Argonaut
October 26th, 1926 Football; Bargher, Darwin; Y.W.C.A.- Commission
October 29th, 1926 Homecoming; Track - Cross country; Identification, ASUI - registration photo
November 2nd, 1926 Football; Homecoming; Livestock judging team
November 5th, 1926 Debate, Intramural; Dewey, William C. Jr.; Homecoming; Kappa Alpha Theta; Powers, Frank; Erb, Charles E.; Pep Band; Gartin, Charles; Starke, Lyle; Owings, Tom (Sody)
November 6th, 1926
November 9th, 1926
November 12th, 1926 English club - University of Idaho
November 16th, 1926 Intramural track; Y.M.C.A.; Football; Tau Kappa Iota
November 19th, 1926 ATILLA club; Football - Freshman; Intramural volleyball
November 28th, 1926
November 30th, 1926 Alpha Theta; Football
December 3rd, 1926 Pi Beta Phi
December 7th, 1926
December 10th, 1926 Faculty Directory; Football - All Coast Eleven
December 14th, 1926 Scholarships; Rifle match
December 17th, 1926 Debate - vs. Gonzaga; The Idaho Argonaut
December 21st, 1926 Christmas Carol sing on campus; Basketball