Argonaut 1930

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Date Subjects
January 7th, 1930
January 10th, 1930 Administration building (1907-; McFarland, Muriel G.; Collins, Milford (Miff); Stowell, Harold; Fox, Richard (Rich); Shurtliff, (Wes)
January 14th, 1930 Debate, Intramural; Basketball
January 17th, 1930 Intramural Swimming; Stowell, Harold; Rifle match; Basketball
January 21st, 1930 Debate - National Student Federation Congress; Basketball
January 24th, 1930 Intramural Swimming
January 28th, 1930 Basketball; Intramural Swimming; Basketball
February 4th, 1930 Basketball; Summer school; Rifle match; Rifle match; Basketball
February 7th, 1930 Basketball
February 11th, 1930 Intramural Swimming; Basketball
February 14th, 1930 Basketball; University of Idaho - Southern branch buildings; Barrett, Kenneth; Brock, Homer; Dewey, Harry; Finch, James; Jones, Paul; Peterson, Edward; Taggart, Jay
February 18th, 1930 Basketball; Haasis, Ferdinand; Wrestling; Basketball
February 21st, 1930 Price, Walter; Basketball
February 25th, 1930 Basketball; Summer school; Wrestling; Basketball
February 28th, 1930
March 4th, 1930 Basketball; Blue Bucket; Stowell, Harold; Basketball coach; Basketball
March 7th, 1930 Scholarships
March 11th, 1930 Debate, Intramural; Stowell, Harold; Wrestling; Swimming
March 14th, 1930 Bristol, Ralph S.
March 18th, 1930 Men's' forum; Rifle Club
March 21st, 1930 Men's' forum
March 25th, 1930 Associated Women Students; Track
March 28th, 1930 Delta Delta Delta; Grades and Honors; Senior hall
April 1st, 1930 Sigma Tau; Swimming
April 4th, 1930 Coed - Rules regulating conduct; Debate - Pacific Forensic League meets; Debate
April 8th, 1930 American Society of Civil Engineers; Associated Women Students
April 15th, 1930 Idaho bulletin; Little International; School of Forestry; Baseball
April 18th, 1930 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision
April 22nd, 1930 Gem of the Mountains; Track; Baseball
April 25th, 1930 Junior week; Baseball
April 29th, 1930
May 2nd, 1930 ASUI-Elections; Enrollment; Graybill, Charles; Intramural Tennis; Miller, Raymond C.; Newhouse, Ruth; Mason, E.F.; Graybill, Charles
May 6th, 1930 Buildings and grounds; Campus Day; Campus Day; Huber, Louis H.; Little International; Mason, E.F.
May 9th, 1930 Engineers assembly; May fete; Tennis
May 13th, 1930 Engineers day; Jahn, Edwin G.; MacLean field; Walden, Harry; Newhouse, Ruth; Administration building (1892-1906); Song fest; Track
May 16th, 1930 Beta Chi; Engineers day; Interfraternity council; Rushing week - rules; Song fest; Baseball
May 20th, 1930 Blue key; Commencement week - schedule; Senior sneak; Track; Tennis; Baseball
May 23rd, 1930 Carlson, Harold; Roosevelt, Theodore; Senior sneak
May 27th, 1930 Kelley, Frederick J.; Jones, Irving W.; Track; Baseball
September 14th, 1930 Angell, Martin Fuller; Beta Chi; Bothne, Agnes M.; Class of 1934; Florell, Dr. Victor; Grade Averages; Calland, Leo (Lucky); Berg, Harold; Neale, Mervin Gordon; R.O.T.C.; University of Idaho - Expansion; University of Idaho - History
September 19th, 1930 Gifts to University of Idaho
September 23rd, 1930 Finch, Dr. John Wellington; Brosnan, C.J.; Hulme fight; Bessler, William; Owens, Herbert Evan (Berbie).; Corkery, John; Lopez, Don
September 26th, 1930 Calland, Leo (Lucky); Diehl, Gordon; Carlson, Harold; Spaugy, Art; Yell team
September 30th, 1930 Football
October 3rd, 1930
October 7th, 1930 Intramural track; Red cross - National Lifesaving club
October 10th, 1930
October 14th, 1930 Football; Borah, William E.
October 17th, 1930 Foil and mask (Fencing club)
October 21st, 1930 Pedersen, Wally; Football
October 24th, 1930 Intramural Football
October 28th, 1930 Football
October 31st, 1930 Intramural track; Norby, Art; Wilkie, Fred; Grimm, Gerald
November 4th, 1930 Football
November 7th, 1930 Debate - vs. Oxford
November 11th, 1930 Football; Homecoming; Vandaleers; Football
November 14th, 1930 Baseball, intramural
November 18th, 1930 Baseball, intramural
November 21st, 1930 Coed - Rules regulating conduct
November 25th, 1930 Baseball, intramural; Cummings, Carleton; Football
December 2nd, 1930 Idaho Bengal - Southern Branch publication; Wilkie, Fred; Track; Football
December 5th, 1930 ASUI-Officers; Debate - Women - vs. WSC
December 9th, 1930
December 12nd, 1930
December 16th, 1930 Debate - vs. WSC
December 19th, 1930 Basketball