Argonaut 1929

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January 8th, 1929 Debate - vs. Loyola University; Debate - vs. Marquette University; Debate - vs. Montana State College; Debate - vs. Montana University; Debate - vs. North Dakota Ag College; Debate - vs. University of Qubuque, Iowa; Erb, Charles E.; Kostalek, John; Reading, Alvin H.; Huber, George L.; Slaughter, Walter; Registration - Procedure; Basketball
January 11th, 1929 Alpha Tau Omega; Debate - vs. WSC; Fees; Registration - Procedure
January 15th, 1929 Basketball; Intramural volleyball; Junior and Senior college - University of Idaho; Memorial gymnasium; McMillin, Frank; Kelley, Frederick J.; Alpha Tau Omega; Swimming; Basketball
January 18th, 1929 Basketball; Intramural rifle match; Fees; Stowell, Harold; Drummond, Robert; Basketball
January 22nd, 1929 Absentee rulings; Angell, Martin Fuller; Thornhill, Harold (Shorty); University of Idaho - Regulations; Basketball
January 25th, 1929 Basketball; Junior and Senior college - University of Idaho; Treble Clef club; University of Idaho - Southern branch; Basketball
January 29th, 1929 Erb, Charles E.
February 1st, 1929 Fencing club; Basketball; Burgher, Darwin; Drummond, Robert
February 8th, 1929 Coed - Rules regulating conduct; Basketball
February 12th, 1929 McMillin, Frank; Burgher, Darwin; Swimming; Basketball
February 15th, 1929 Basketball; Hutchinson, Ralph F.; Thornhill, Harold (Shorty); Basketball
February 19th, 1929 Basketball; University of Idaho - History; Basketball
February 22nd, 1929 Class of 1929; Class of 1930; Class of 1932; Basketball; Burgher, Darwin
February 26th, 1929 Basketball; McMillin, Frank; Stowell, Harold; Basketball
March 1st, 1929 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Calland, Leo (Lucky); Dean of Men; Delta Delta Delta; Summer school
March 5th, 1929 Calland, Leo (Lucky); Basketball; Heating plant; Library; Jacoby, Glenn J. 'Red'
March 8th, 1929 Fox, Richard (Rich); Whitman, F.W.; Calland, Leo (Lucky); Remsberg, John D.; Basketball coach; University of Idaho - History
March 12th, 1929 Calland, Leo (Lucky); Church, Frederick C.; Farmer, Ralph; McMillin, Frank; Wicks, Guy; Welker, Herman; Basketball
March 15th, 1929
March 19th, 1929 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Personnel bureau
March 22nd, 1929 Gifts to University of Idaho
March 26th, 1929 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Hulme fight; Omega Alpha; Omega Alpha; Calland, Leo (Lucky); Kelley, Frederick J.
March 29th, 1929 Administration building (1892-1906)
April 2nd, 1929 ASUI-Elections; Delta Delta Delta; Fahrenwald, A.W.; Senior sneak; Baseball
April 5th, 1929 Dyer, John R.; Delta Sigma; Women's Athletic Association
April 9th, 1929 Freshmen directors; Junior week; Baseball
April 12th, 1929 Borah Outlawry of War Foundation; Borah, William E.; Intramural Swimming; Junior week; Kerr, Helen; Levinson, Salmon O.; Wodsedalek, Jerry Edward
April 16th, 1929 Dyer, John R.; Armstrong, Dr. C.C.
April 19th, 1929 Under the Helmet
April 23rd, 1929 University of Idaho - Southern branch
April 26th, 1929 Campus Day; Pep Band
April 30th, 1929 Pep Band; Track; Baseball
May 3rd, 1929 ASUI-Elections; Little International; Mortar Board; Cheyne, Arthur; Whitney, Lawrence (Whitey); Fox, Richard (Rich); Price, Walter; Grabner, Floren Alden (Lefty); McMillin, Frank
May 7th, 1929 Little International; Collins, Milford (Miff); Hodson, Boyd; Norman, John; Hutchinson, Ralph F.; Pierson, Sid; Wiko, David; Track; Swimming; Baseball
May 10th, 1929 Baseball, intramural; Freshmen directors; Kratt, Theodore; Stageberry, Oswald C.R.; Track; Baseball
May 14th, 1929 Baseball
May 17th, 1929 Commencement week - schedule; University of Idaho - Southern branch; Basketball; Campus Day; May fete
May 21st, 1929 ASUI-activity awards; Track; Song and stunt fest; Lake Huntly on Idaho campus; May fete; Mortar Board; Silver lance; Song fest; Tennis; Baseball
May 24th, 1929 Baseball, intramural; May fete; Song and stunt fest; Student sport managers; Track; Baseball
May 28th, 1929 Commencement week - schedule; Gem of the Mountains; Memorial gymnasium; Baseball
September 15th, 1929 Associated Women Students; Curriculum - student advisors; Diehl, Gordon; Entrance requirements; Steffens, Walter; Brosnan, C.J.; Freshmen directors; Howard, Pendleton; Hulme fight; Hult, Orville (Haggerty); Identification, ASUI - registration photo; Junior and Senior college - University of Idaho; Calland, Leo (Lucky); Staley, W.W.; University of Idaho - Staff
September 24th, 1929 Calendar Committee, Social; Coed - Rules regulating conduct; Cruikshank, Barton; Delta Delta Delta; Hull, Robert H.; Hulme fight; Kershisnik, (Bill); Scholarship cups - University of Idaho; Schroeder, William; Sigma Chi; University of Idaho - Staff
September 27th, 1929 Associated Women Students; Calland, Leo (Lucky); Cummings, Carleton; Football managers; Personnel bureau; Spokane chamber of commerce marksmanship trophy; Student handbook; Winzeler, Frank
October 1st, 1929 University of Idaho - Southern branch; Gem of the Mountains; Lind, Raymond W.; Football
October 4th, 1929 Intramural Program; Town Men's Association, Employment Bureau
October 8th, 1929 Football
October 11th, 1929 Kirkpatrick, Lester; Martin, Elmer (Irish); University of Idaho - Assemblies
October 15th, 1929 Associated Women Students; Football; Women students annual walk out
October 18th, 1929 Masterson, William E.
October 22nd, 1929 Football
October 25th, 1929 Kelley, Frederick J.; University Symphony orchestra
October 29th, 1929 Price, Walter; Track - Cross country
November 1st, 1929
November 5th, 1929 Intramural track; Debate; Football; Ewing, John; Martin, Paris; Montegomery, Warren; Owens, Herbert Evan (Berbie).
November 8th, 1929 Debate - vs. Oxford; University of Idaho - Southern branch; Calland, Leo (Lucky); Hult, Orville (Haggerty); Ridenbaugh Hall
November 12th, 1929 Pep club; School of Law; Football
November 15th, 1929 Homecoming - Schedule of events; Pajama Parade; Gale, Clare; Barrett, Kenneth; Calland, Leo (Lucky)
November 19th, 1929 Bradshaw, Bus; Football; Homecoming; Grimm, Gerald; Yell team; Ormsby, Ralph
November 22nd, 1929 Faculty committee on Health and housing
November 26th, 1929 Library trophy chest contests; Basketball; Football
December 3rd, 1929 Berg, Howard; Football
December 6th, 1929 Department of Poultry; Diehl, Gordon; Student advisory council
December 10th, 1929 Huber, George L.; Scholarships
December 13rd, 1929
December 17th, 1929
December 20th, 1929 Christmas Carol sing on campus; Basketball