Argonaut 1932

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Date Subjects
January 5th, 1932 Jenkins, Francis; Basketball; Wicks, Heath (Pete); Wrestling
January 8th, 1932 Barrett, Afton; Nelson, Ernest 'Skinny'
January 12th, 1932 Fahrenwald, A.W.; Lacy, Ed
January 15th, 1932 Book Exchange at Sherfys; Fox, Richard (Rich); History of Science - Nature of the World course; Woods, Ella; Rifle Club
January 19th, 1932 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Blue key; Ennis, William (Bill); Baseball; Intramural Tennis; Basketball
January 22nd, 1932 Jenkins, Francis; Barrett, Afton; Fox, Richard (Rich); Geraghty, CY; Grenier, Howard; Hale, Stanton; Herman, Horton; Hurley, Ed; Lacy, Ed; Parks, Kenneth (Kenny); Wicks, Heath (Pete); Basketball
January 26th, 1932 Jenkins, Francis; Calland, Leo (Lucky)
January 29th, 1932 Budget -; Department of Journalism; Hubert, Earnest E.; Men's rifle team; Senior hall
February 2nd, 1932 Agriculture experiment station; Men's rifle team; Basketball
February 5th, 1932 Basketball
February 9th, 1932
February 12th, 1932 Debate - vs. University of Washington; Basketball
February 16th, 1932
February 19th, 1932 Barrett, Afton
February 23rd, 1932 Fencing; Language - Iceland course; Basketball; Women's rifle team
February 26th, 1932 Junior week; Basketball
March 1st, 1932 Debate - vs. University of Oregon; Department of Journalism; Football
March 4th, 1932 Debate - vs. University of Washington
March 8th, 1932 Enrollment; Wrestling
March 11th, 1932 Little International
March 15th, 1932
March 18th, 1932
March 22nd, 1932 Debate - vs. University of Utah; Wrestling
March 25th, 1932 Department of Home Economics; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pacific Forensic League; Martin, Paris; Olmstead, Ralph
March 29th, 1932 Junior week; Messenger, J.F.; Pacific Forensic League
April 1st, 1932 Women's rifle team
April 5th, 1932
April 12th, 1932 Baseball; Junior week; Baseball
April 15th, 1932 Anderson, Dr. Alfred L.; Intramural Swimming; Junior week
April 19th, 1932 Debate - vs. O A C
April 22nd, 1932 Business Administration, College of; College of Letters and Science; Department of Journalism; Experiment station farm of UI; Graduate school; Intramural Swimming; Tumbling; Registration fees; School of Forestry; School of Law; School of Mines; Traditions; University of Idaho - History; University Symphony orchestra
April 26th, 1932 Football; Tennis; Track; Baseball
April 29th, 1932 Little International; Baseball
May 3rd, 1932 Intercollegiate Knights
May 6th, 1932 ASUI-Elections; Crawford, Ivan C.; Engineers day; Finch, Dr. John Wellington; Hull, Robert H.; Xi Sigma Pi; Crawford, Ivan C.; Miller, Dean; Hubert, Earnest E.; Howard, John; School of Forestry; Buchanan, Jesse E.; Baseball; Basketball
May 10th, 1932 Campus Day; May fete; Track; Baseball; Swimming
May 13th, 1932 Campus Day; Intramural track
May 17th, 1932 Class of 1932; Golf; Summer school; Track
May 20th, 1932 Intramural Tennis; Price Green - Arboretum meeting place - Associate Foresters; Price, C.L.; Baseball
May 24th, 1932 Track; Tennis; Baseball
May 27th, 1932 Intramural Tennis
June 2nd, 1932 ASUI; Intercollegiate Knights; Intramural Tennis; Idaho engineer; Summer school; Track; Von Ende, Carl
September 2nd, 1932 Dairy Barns; Eldridge, J.G.; Administration building (1892-1906); Calland, Leo (Lucky); Smith, Willis; Neale, Mervin Gordon; University of Idaho - History; University of Idaho - History
September 18th, 1932 Board and Room reduction
September 20th, 1932 Sigma Alpha Epsilon
September 23rd, 1932 August, Louis
September 27th, 1932 Class of 1936; University of Idaho - History; Football
September 30th, 1932
October 4th, 1932 Hulme fight; Eiden, Max; Football
October 7th, 1932 Football
October 11th, 1932 Fortieth Anniversary; Class of 1904; Campus, views of; Class of 1896; Football team; Football
October 14th, 1932 Fortieth Anniversary; Football; Grade Averages; University of Idaho - History
October 18th, 1932 Chrisman, Edward R.; Football; Gifts to University of Idaho; Livestock judging team; Fowles, (Nels); McInerney, Howard; Football
October 21st, 1932
October 25th, 1932 Homecoming; Hale, Russ; Nutting, Richard (Dick); Football
October 28th, 1932
November 1st, 1932 Moser, Robert (Bob)
November 4th, 1932 Football; Randall, LaVerne; Sander, George; Smith, Willis
November 8th, 1932 Football; Eiden, Max; Hall, Russ; Handford, June; Schutte, Bill; Taylor, Paul (Pete); Football
November 11th, 1932 Geraghty, CY; Schmitz, Orville
November 15th, 1932 Football; Garst, Russell; Smith, Earl; Football
November 18th, 1932
November 22nd, 1932
November 24th, 1932 Sackett, Melvin; Football
November 29th, 1932 Football; Tyrell, Lee
December 2nd, 1932 Hutchinson, Ralph F.
December 6th, 1932
December 9th, 1932
December 13th, 1932 Fencing; Basketball
December 16th, 1932
December 20th, 1932