Argonaut 1933

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Date Subjects
January 6th, 1933
January 10th, 1933
January 17th, 1933 Basketball
January 20th, 1933 Debate - Freshmen vs. Freshmen WSC; Boxing
January 24th, 1933 Board and Room reduction; Nielsen, Bernt 'Cap'; Women's rifle team; Basketball
January 27th, 1933 Basketball
January 31st, 1933
February 3rd, 1933 Barrett, Afton; Women's rifle team
February 7th, 1933 Basketball; Shurtliff, (Wes); Hockey; Basketball
February 10th, 1933
February 14th, 1933 Debate - vs. Gonzaga; Basketball; Boxing
February 17th, 1933 Heating plant; Basketball
February 21st, 1933 Basketball
February 24th, 1933 University of Idaho - History; Basketball
February 28th, 1933 Basketball
March 3rd, 1933 Bridge tournament
March 7th, 1933 Fencing; Swimming; Wrestling; Basketball
March 10th, 1933 Hurley, Ed; Lacy, Ed; Nelson, Ernest 'Skinny'; Wicks, Heath (Pete)
March 14th, 1933 Debate - vs. Fresno State College; Wrestling; Swimming
March 17th, 1933
March 21st, 1933 Wrestling; Swimming
March 24th, 1933
March 28th, 1933 Grade Averages; Morley, Louise
March 31st, 1933 Men's rifle team; Pacific Forensic League
April 4th, 1933 Intramural volleyball; Song fest
April 11st, 1933
April 14th, 1933 Junior week
April 18th, 1933 Junior week; Baseball
April 21st, 1933
April 25th, 1933 Baseball
April 28th, 1933 Hubert, Earnest E.
May 2nd, 1933 Tennis; Track; Tennis; Track
May 5th, 1933 ASUI-Officers; journalists; Livingston, Caroll
May 9th, 1933 Campus Day; Morfitt, Carl; Tennis; Track; Baseball
May 12th, 1933 Campus Day; Intramural track
May 16th, 1933 R.O.T.C.; Tennis; Baseball
May 19th, 1933 Anderson, Otto; Campus Day
May 23rd, 1933 Commencement week - schedule; Tennis; Miller, Paul; Golf; Track; Tennis; Baseball
May 26th, 1933 Commencement exercises; Fischen, Carl; Hampton, Wayne; Lyons, Reginald; Men's quartette; Rust, Paul
May 30th, 1933 Golf; Track; Tennis; Baseball
June 2nd, 1933 Baseball
September 1st, 1933 Alumni Association; Arboretum; Extension service; Fahrenwald, A.W.; Experiment station farm of UI; Hays Hall; Administration building (1907-; Forney Hall; Lindley hall; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Dyer, John R.; French, Burton L.; Berg, Alfred (Ap); Geraghty, CY; Nordby, John; McInerney, Howard; Senior hall; Crawford, Ivan C.; Calland, Leo (Lucky); Fowles, (Nels); Moser, Robert (Bob); Randall, LaVerne; Wilson, Harry; Registration fees; Summer school; University of Idaho - Cost of attending; University of Idaho - History; University of Idaho - Staff
September 18th, 1933 French, Permeal J.; Fraternity rushing rules; Pan Sellenic rushing rules; Newhouse, Robert (Bob); Neale, Mervin Gordon; Neale, Mervin Gordon
September 22nd, 1933 Johnson, J. Hugo; Golding, N.S.; Howard, Arthur L.; Calland, Leo (Lucky); Smith, Willis; Football
September 26th, 1933 Faculty committees; Enrollment; Berg, Alfred (Ap); Berg, Paul; Randall, LaVerne
September 29th, 1933 Class of 1934; Class of 1935; Class of 1936; Fowles, (Nels); Schmitz, Orville; Garst, Russell
October 3rd, 1933 Nordby, John; Cordon, Doug; Gem of the Mountains; Football
October 6th, 1933 Fraternity rushing rules; Newhouse, Robert (Bob); Anderson, Otto
October 10th, 1933 Collette, Jean; Football; McInerney, Howard; Football
October 13th, 1933 Blue Bucket; Calland, Leo (Lucky); Moser, Robert (Bob)
October 14th, 1933
October 20th, 1933 Horton, George E.; Dusault, Francis
October 24th, 1933 French, Burton L.; Boxing
October 27th, 1933 Pacific International Livestock Expo.; Berg, Alfred (Ap)
October 31st, 1933 Smith, Earl; Nordby, John; Football
November 3rd, 1933 Campus, views of
November 7th, 1933 Fraternity rushing rules; Football; Girls - 1903
November 10th, 1933 Enrollment; Homecoming; Library; Spurs; Moser, Robert (Bob); Smith, Willis; Randall, LaVerne; Calland, Leo (Lucky); Fowles, (Nels); Football
November 14th, 1933 Baseball, intramural; Football; Football
November 17th, 1933 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Baseball, intramural
November 21st, 1933 ASUI-Male chorus; Baseball, intramural; Bachman, Harold; Summer school; Football
November 24th, 1933 Library; Mix, Gale
November 28th, 1933 Ames, William; Robinson, Clayne; Smith, Willis; Nordby, John; Cordon, Doug
December 5th, 1933 Nordby, John; Calland, Leo (Lucky); Westberg, Orville; Football
December 8th, 1933 Boxing, Intramural; Fox, Richard (Rich)
December 12th, 1933 Debate - vs. WSC
December 15th, 1933 Basketball
December 19th, 1933 Boxing, Intramural; Debate - WSC, Whitman and Idaho; Cardinal Key