Argonaut 1934

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Date Subjects
January 5th, 1934 Civil Works Administration (C.W.A.), student; Nordby, John; Basketball
January 9th, 1934 Nichols, John R.; Grenier, Howard; Fox, Richard (Rich); Basketball
January 12th, 1934 Finch, Dr. John Wellington; Cardinal Key; Naslund, Glen (Lefty)
January 16th, 1934 Basketball
January 19th, 1934 Fraternity rushing rules; Intramural Swimming; Intramural volleyball; Cardinal Key; Geraghty, CY; Katsilometes, William (Bill)
January 23rd, 1934 Debate - Gonzaga, Yakima Normal, WSC, Lewiston Normal, Whitworth and Idaho; Fraternity rushing rules; Intramural Swimming; Cardinal Key; Westberg, Orville; Warner, Vic
January 26th, 1934 Idaho Institute of Christian Education; LDS Institute of Religion; Scholarship cups - University of Idaho
January 30th, 1934 Debate - vs. Gonzaga
February 2nd, 1934 ASUI-Elections; Administration building (1907-; Parks, Kenneth (Kenny); Herman, Horton
February 6th, 1934 Basketball
February 9th, 1934 Anderson, Otto; Gibbs, Raphael (Rafe)
February 13th, 1934 Basketball; Nichols, John R.; Basketball
February 16th, 1934 Grenier, Howard; University calendar; Basketball
February 20th, 1934 Nichols, John R.; Basketball
February 23rd, 1934 Debate, Intramural; Intramural Tennis; Basketball
February 27th, 1934 Fraternity rushing rules; Fisher, Merle; Basketball
March 2nd, 1934 MacLean field; Calland, Leo (Lucky)
March 6th, 1934 Debate, Intramural; Klumb, Harold; Wrestling; Basketball
March 9th, 1934 Miller, Francis Garner
March 13th, 1934 Wrestling; Men's rifle team; Fox, Richard (Rich); Livingston, Caroll; Wrestling
March 16th, 1934 Junior week; Miller, William D.; Memorial gymnasium
March 20th, 1934 Grades and Honors; Dusault, Francis; Ames, William
March 23rd, 1934 Intramural volleyball; Pep Band
March 27th, 1934 Northern Idaho conference on Home Economics; Anderson, Otto; Scholarship cups - University of Idaho
March 30th, 1934 Jensen, Katherine; Little International; Tennis courts
April 3rd, 1934 Intramural sports
April 10th, 1934 Intramural sports
April 13th, 1934 Intramural sports; Little International; Sowder, Ray
April 17th, 1934 Little International; Morfitt, Carl; Town Women's Association; Baseball
April 20th, 1934 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Intramural volleyball; Junior week; Men's rifle team; Sowder, Ray; Warner, Charles; Morfitt, Carl
April 25th, 1934 Engineers day; Administration building (1907-; Intercollegiate Knights; Administration building (1907-; Tennis; Baseball
April 27th, 1934 Junior week; Lindley hall; Dusault, Francis; Summer school
May 1st, 1934 Engineers day; Kalbus, James (Jim); Nielsen, Bernt 'Cap'; School of Law; Track; Baseball
May 4th, 1934 ASUI-Elections; Engineers day; Intramural sports; Baseball
May 8th, 1934 Campus Day; Intramural track
May 11th, 1934 May fete
May 15th, 1934 Dana Marshall; Intramural track; School of Forestry; Tennis
May 18th, 1934 Commencement week - schedule; Squance, William (Bill); Herrick, Robert; Track
May 22nd, 1934 Class of 1934; Track; Intramural Swimming; Hutchinson, Jessie; Geraghty, CY; Geraghty, Wally; Campbell, Robert (Bob); Leute, Robert (Bobby); Science hall; Senior music revue; Summer school; Track; Track; Tennis; Tennis; Baseball
May 24th, 1934
May 25th, 1934 Hogue, Wilbur (Duck); Kerr, T.S.; Intramural sports; Men's rifle team; Campus, views of; Pep Band; Sheehy, John; Ward, Theron; Katsilometes, William (Bill); Squance, William (Bill); Chrisman, Edward R.; Goding, Howard; Livingston, Caroll; Kalbus, James (Jim); Dusault, Francis; Herrick, Robert; Summer school; Baseball
May 29th, 1934 Intramural sports; Masterson, William E.; Bevington, Frank; Harris, H.W.; Selke, George; Gumlick, Helen; Holy, T.C.; Hungerford, Kenneth E.; Robinson, Clayne; Track; Baseball
June 1st, 1934 Intramural sports; French, Burton L.; Commencement week - schedule; Boyd, Harold; Stanton, Richard; Powell, John; Warner, Charles; Fox, Richard (Rich); Baseball
August 21st, 1934 Lindley hall; Kirley, Charles L.; Kerr, T.S.; Brosnan, C.J.; Buildings and grounds; University forest; Administration building (1907-; Men's rifle team; Chrisman, Edward R.; McArdle, Richard E.; Howard, Pendleton; Day, Jerome J.; Walker, Branch; Chrisman, Edward R.; Alumni; York, Ralph W.; Alumni; Iverson, Norman; Honsowetz, Russell; Ward, Theron; Klumb, Harold; Nutting, Richard (Dick); McCue, Robert (Bullet Bob; Lyon, Robert; Tennis courts; Bus, Idaho's Silver and Gold
September 14th, 1934 Kendrick, David; French, Permeal J.; Finch, Dr. John Wellington; Kerr, Paul; Lyon, Robert; Whitlock, Lloyd; Neale, Mervin Gordon; Retherford, J.E.; Rushing week - rules; Schowalter, Clarence H.; Bus, Idaho's Silver and Gold; Vincent, C.C.
September 21st, 1934 Class of 1938; Convocation; Grades and Honors; Car, Student Built; Mockler, Barbara; Football
September 25th, 1934 Enrollment; Clements, Robert E.
September 28th, 1934 Hogue, Wilbur (Duck); Fahrenwald, A.W.; Nutting, Richard (Dick); Calland, Leo (Lucky); Brown, Dorothy; Herrick, Robert; Bus, Idaho's Silver and Gold
October 2nd, 1934 Hodgson, Charles Worth; McCue, Robert (Bullet Bob; Hunt, William (Bill); Greathouse, Cecil; Berg, Paul; Honsowetz, Russell
October 5th, 1934 38475; Kerr, T.S.
October 9th, 1934 Warner, Charles
October 12th, 1934 ASUI-Elections; Pacific International Livestock Expo.; York, Ralph W.
October 16th, 1934 Football; Intramural sports; Men's rifle team; Pacific International Livestock Expo.; R.O.T.C. band
October 19th, 1934 Homecoming; Homecoming; Intramural sports; Moser, Robert (Bob); Rich, George; Moser, Robert (Bob); McCue, Robert (Bullet Bob; Nutting, Richard (Dick); Wilson, Charles; Barbee, Jack; Iverson, Norman; Honsowetz, Russell; Berg, Paul; Football
October 23rd, 1934 Homecoming; Football
October 26th, 1934 Intramural sports; Iverson, Norman
October 30th, 1934 Football; Smith, Earl; Berg, Paul; Nutting, Richard (Dick); Inman, Elbert (Lefty); Football
November 2nd, 1934 Phi Eta Sigma; Intramural sports
November 6th, 1934 Football; Intramural sports; Inman, Elbert (Lefty); Football
November 9th, 1934 Intramural sports; Wurster, Marjorie; Calland, Leo (Lucky)
November 13th, 1934 Football; Animal Husbandry, Dept. of; Football
November 16th, 1934 Calendar Committee, Social; Debate, Intramural; Intramural sports; Smith, Earl; August, Louis
November 20th, 1934 I' club - Minor; Football; Rust, Paul; Football; Boxing
November 23rd, 1934 ASUI-Constitution; Debate, Intramural; Greathouse, Cecil; Fox, Richard (Rich); Fox, Richard (Rich)
November 27th, 1934 Hogue, Wilbur (Duck); Northern Idaho conference on Home Economics; Wilson, Charles; Berg, Alfred (Ap); Campbell, Robert (Bob); Moser, Robert (Bob); Brown, Dorothy; Herrick, Robert
December 4th, 1934 McCue, Robert (Bullet Bob; Berg, Paul; Football
December 7th, 1934 Blanchard, Fred; Crawford, Ivan C.; Herrick, Robert
December 11th, 1934 Debate tournament at Salt Lake city; Brado, Gene; August, Joey; Fisher, Merle
December 14th, 1934 Boxing; Library; Wurster, Marjorie; Haas, Robert (Bob); Hutchinson, Jessie; Warner, Vic; Basketball
December 18th, 1934 Christmas Carol sing on campus; Eldridge, Hugh; Calland, Leo (Lucky); Boxing