Argonaut 1935

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Date Subjects
January 8th, 1935 Debate - vs. University of California; Hubert, Earnest E.; Intramural sports; Calland, Leo (Lucky); Geraghty, Wally; Scholarships; Basketball; Basketball
January 11th, 1935 Klumb, Harold; Herrick, Robert; University forest; Basketball
January 15th, 1935 University of Idaho - Needs; Basketball; Wells, Carl Douglas
January 18th, 1935 Intramural sports; Fisher, Merle; Geraghty, Wally; Klumb, Harold; Warner, Vic; Iverson, Norman; Larson, Bert; Snedaker, Donald
January 22nd, 1935 Intramural sports; Kerr, Paul; University housing agency; Basketball; Boxing
January 25th, 1935 Sanger, Fred; Larson, Bert; Boyd, Harold; Fox, Richard (Rich); August, Louis
January 29th, 1935
February 1st, 1935 Klumb, Harold
February 5th, 1935 Men's rifle team; Pan Sellenic rushing rules; Iverson, Norman; Hunt, Esther; Fox, Al; Geraghty, Wally; Katsilometes, William (Bill)
February 8th, 1935 Idaho rooters; Intramural sports; Cardinal Key; O'Neal, Ethlyn; French, Burton L.; Warner, Vic
February 12th, 1935 Hogue, Wilbur (Duck); French, Permeal J.; Intramural sports; Fencing; Basketball
February 15th, 1935 ASUI-Elections; Debate - vs. Gonzaga; Intramural sports; August, Louis; August, Joey; Bevington, Frank; Fox, Richard (Rich); Basketball
February 19th, 1935 Animal Husbandry, Dept. of; ASUI-Elections; Intramural sports; Morfitt, Carl; Larson, Bert; Basketball; Boxing
February 22nd, 1935 ASUI-Elections; Enrollment; Intramural sports; Anderson, Otto
February 26th, 1935 Bank, Paul (Ted); Basketball
March 1st, 1935 ASUI-Elections; Debate, Intramural; Intramural sports; Blanchard, Fred; Warner, Vic; Klumb, Harold; Basketball
March 5th, 1935 University forest; Basketball
March 8th, 1935 I' Club; Claus, Carl; Graduate school; Intramural sports; Junior week; August, Louis; Animal Husbandry, Dept. of; Summer school
March 12th, 1935 Associated Women Students; Intramural sports; Intramural Swimming; Military band; Hartley, Mary; Lyon, Robert; Smith, E. Wayne
March 15th, 1935 Debate, Intramural; Iddings, E.J.; Football; Calland, Leo (Lucky)
March 19th, 1935 Crawford, Ivan C.; Little International; Men's rifle team; Floyd, Henry; Twomey, Thomas
March 22nd, 1935 Budget -; Brown, Mary E.; Bank, Paul (Ted); Tessier, Bob; University of Idaho - Appropriations
March 26th, 1935 I' Club; Traditions
March 29th, 1935 Northern Idaho conference on Home Economics; Ostrander, John E.; Bank, Paul (Ted)
April 2nd, 1935 International relations club conference; Swimming; Lindley, E.K. (Prex); Hutchinson, R. F.
April 9th, 1935 Wrestling; Men's rifle team; Baseball
April 12th, 1935 Theophilus, Donald R.; Fahrenwald, A.W.; Hubert, Earnest E.; Intramural sports; Junior week
April 16th, 1935 Fahrenwald, A.W.; Intramural sports; Little International; Bevington, Frank
April 19th, 1935 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Intramural sports; French, Burton L.; Wetheral, William (Bill); Scholarship cups - University of Idaho
April 23rd, 1935 Idaho Institute of Christian Education; Junior week; Little International; Bank, Paul (Ted); Tessier, Bob; Spurs; Tenny, C.W.
April 26th, 1935 Intramural sports; Lemon, Allan C.; Albee, Les; Katsilometes, William (Bill)
April 30th, 1935 Class of 1935; Little International; Baseball
May 3rd, 1935 ASUI-Elections; Little International; Men's rifle team; Ward, Theron; Taylor, Casady; Wetheral, William (Bill); Baseball
May 7th, 1935 ASUI-Elections; Little International; Baseball; Tennis; Baseball
May 10th, 1935
May 14th, 1935 Intramural track; Baseball
May 17th, 1935 Adkins, Cyril; Administration building (1907-; Ward, Theron; Photo processes course; Baseball
May 21st, 1935 Freshmen - Glee week; Golf; Track; Baseball
May 24th, 1935 Athletic managers and other personnel; Barton, J.W.; Malin, Maurice; Barton, J.W.; Bopp, Earl; Baseball
August 16th, 1935 Tenney, Charles W.; Jeffers, D.S.; Betts, Walter; Young, Walker R.; Clapp, Percy; Paddock, Al; Ryan, Mike; University of Idaho Board of Regents; MacLean, James Alexander; Smith, Mary J.; Moser, Robert; Bank, Paul (Ted); Green, Dean; Pavkov, Stonko; Rich, Lewis; Tessier, Bob; Wicks, Guy; Lindley, Ernest Hiram
September 13th, 1935 French, Permeal J.; Folz, William E.; Idaho club; Origination of 'Vandals'; Jones, Archie N.; Ward, Theron; Dole, Dorothy; Kinney, Janet
September 20th, 1935 Class of 1939; Ehrlich, Dr. John; Martell, E.R; Grade Averages; Becraft, Raymond J.; Seymour, Bob; Bell, Alice
September 24th, 1935 Origination of 'Vandals'; Pence, Margaret; Kostalek, John; McGill, Donald
September 27th, 1935 Infirmary; Origination of 'Vandals'; Baring, Amalie; Iverson, Norman
October 1st, 1935 Golf course; Malin, Maurice; Origination of 'Vandals'; August, Louis; Football
October 4th, 1935 Origination of 'Vandals'; Fernholz, Dr. Donald L.; Gildemeister, Velma
October 8th, 1935 School of Mines; Football
October 11th, 1935 Class of 1936; Class of 1937; Class of 1938
October 15th, 1935 MaCklin, Hall M.; School of Forestry; McGill, Donald; Football
October 18th, 1935 Fahrenwald, A.W.
October 22nd, 1935 Football; Sundberg, Ross
October 25th, 1935 Dad's day; Football; Power, Otto; Pope, James P.; Pavkov, Stonko
October 29th, 1935 Dad's day prizes; Davidson, Joseph H.; Bank, Paul (Ted); Ward, Theron; Track - Cross country
November 1st, 1935 Tessier, Bob
November 5th, 1935 Homecoming; Delvin, Clarence 'Devy'; McCue, Robert (Bullet Bob; Football - Freshman
November 8th, 1935
November 12th, 1935 August, Joey; Homecoming; Hulbert, H.W.; August, Louis; Campus, views of; Lopez, Don; University of Idaho - History; Football; Track - Cross country
November 15th, 1935 Iverson, Norman; McCue, Robert (Bullet Bob; Track
November 19th, 1935 Greene, Leon G.; Geraghty, Wally
November 22nd, 1935 Pep Band; Power, Otto
November 26th, 1935 Academic rules; Football team; Football
December 3rd, 1935 Department of Music; Football; Track - Cross country; Boxing
December 6th, 1935 Department of Mining; Wheeler, Joe
December 10th, 1935 Klages, K.H.; Infirmary; Pacific Coast conference; Basketball
December 13rd, 1935
December 17th, 1935 Bratton, Rufus; Larson, Bert; Scholarships; Basketball
December 20th, 1935 Coed - Rules regulating conduct; Holly Week; Leatham, Earl G.; Dramatic, Department of; Basketball